Aug 17

Denver Sexual Assault and SOISP Attorney | Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation Not An Easy Adams County Sentence

When a person pleads to or is found guilty of a sex offense like Sexual Assault or Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver or Adams County, there are a number of different sentencing options. We often see non-aggravated cases result in a sentence that includes Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation or SOISP. Recently, a former CU …

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Aug 14

Denver Juvenile Sex Assault Attorney | Sexual Assault and Hazing in Arapahoe County

There is a fuzzy line when it comes to crimes by kids in Denver and Arapahoe County; how much of what a teenager does is criminal and how much is just a part growing up and learning right from wrong? Should we hold children to the same standards as adults? A perfect example is the …

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Aug 10

Denver Public Indecency Attorney | Sex at a State Fair

Men and women in Denver, Aurora and Castle Rock tend to relax at public fairs, but one couple took having a good time too far.  Families reported seeing a couple having sex in public at a small fair.  An act of sexual intercourse in a public place should not be observed by kids out to …

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Aug 07

Denver Indeterminate Sentencing and Sexual Crimes Attorney | New Bills Proposed for Sentencing and Treatment for Sex Offenders

There is a major movement in Denver and across Colorado for reform related to sex offender treatment and sentencing: specifically indeterminate sentencing and sex offender treatment while in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Currently, convictions for certain sex offenses require an indeterminate sentence – meaning the judge sets only a minimum time and the maximum …

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Aug 03

Denver Criminal Invasion of Privacy and Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification Attorney | Intent Makes All the Difference

The surveillance photo of a man is circulating news sites hoping for his ID. He is wanted for hiding a camera in a women’s restroom in the Denver Tech Center. According to the report, the man was seen leaving the restroom as a woman entered, telling her he was the janitor. The hidden camera was …

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Jul 31

Jefferson County Sexual Assault on a Child Lawyer | Victim Blaming is Not a Good Defense in Adams County

Often, Sexual Assault on a Child cases in Jefferson County have very little physical evidence and become the alleged victim’s word against the accused. However, when there is DNA evidence, the Adams County case becomes much more difficult to argue. I recently read a story making national news headlines about a 38-year-old man possibly impregnating …

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Jul 27

Denver Posting a Private Image for Harassment Attorney | Students Distribute Naked Photos of Teacher

If there was one piece of advice we could give to people in Denver, Aurora and Centennial, it would be: don’t send anyone private images and don’t keep someone else’s private photos. We have seen so many instances where sharing these photos ends up in criminal charges. Emotions are high and people are reactive. A …

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Jul 24

Denver Indecent Exposure Colorado Lawyer | Masturbating on an Airplane

The New York Post recently posted an article about a woman who claims she was told that while she was sleeping on her flight to Paris, the man next to her was masturbating. The woman said she was called to the back of the plane, after she woke up and right before landing, so the …

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Jul 20

Adams County Internet Luring of a Child Attorney | Using the Internet to Connect with Teens in Denver

A Colorado Springs, El Paso County man was recently arrested and charged with Internet Luring of a Child, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, and Sexual Assault on a Child. According to the news report, the man had initially contacted the minor online and the two must have met in person in order for the Sexual …

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Jul 17

Arapahoe County Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor Lawyer | Teacher Writes Sexually Explicit Letters to Student

News outlets in Arapahoe and Denver County love reporting on stories involving inappropriate relations between a teacher and student. A female high school teacher pled guilty to Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor after she was charged for sending sexually explicit letters and text messages to one of her students. According to the news report, …

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