Jun 26

Denver Unlawful Sexual Contact Attorney | An Easily Charged Sex Crime

Like many sexual offense charges in Denver, Brighton, and Littleton, Unlawful Sexual Contact cases can become one person’s word against another’s. This is because there is rarely any physical evidence that an inappropriate touch occurred.  As criminal attorneys, we’ve seen tons of cases involving Unlawful Sexual Contact. We have also defended many people from false …

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Jun 22

Denver Sexual Assault Attorney | Overcharging is Common in Sex Crime Cases

I often read stories about crimes that occurred in Denver, Arapahoe and Adams County where a single incident leads to multiple criminal charges. Headlines like “Man Arrested for Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment, and Assault” or “Teen Charged for Sexual Exploitation of a Child, Sexual Assault on a Child, and Internet Luring of a Child” seem …

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Jun 19

Denver and Arapahoe County Public Indecency Attorney: Attorneys Defending Public Indecency Charges

In Denver and Arapahoe County, Public Indecency, C.R.S. 18-7-301, is charged under many circumstances. In some cases, people can also face charges of Indecent Exposure, C.R.S. 18-7-302, which is closely related to Public Indecency. It is always best to work with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney from the O’Malley Law Office if facing charges of …

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Jun 15

Denver Prostitution and Solicitation Lawyer: Charged from Prostitution Stings in Adams County? Call Us

Prostitution stings in Denver and Adams County are common. Police will stage a variety of prostitution stings in hopes of catching unsuspecting men and women. When men and women are caught in police prostitution stings in Denver or Adams County, they can face crippling charges such as Prostitution, Soliciting for Prostitution and many other prostitution-related …

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Jun 12

Sexual Assault on a Child Denver Attorney: Police Tactics in Adams County Sexual Assault on a Child Cases

In Sexual Assault on a Child cases in Denver, Adams County and across Colorado, there are many tactics which police use as a way to collect evidence against you. It is imperative you consult expert legal help upon facing any allegations or criminal charges of Sexual Assault on a Child. Your life is at stake. …

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Jun 09

Colorado Mandatory Reporter Law for Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting Requirements in Denver and Adams County

In Denver and Adams County, there is a law which requires people in certain occupations to automatically report cases of Child Abuse, including Sexual Assault. These situations can include physical abuse and sexual offenses like Sexual Assault on a Child, Incest or Unlawful Sexual Contact. Whenever a person suspects that a child has been subjected …

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Jun 05

Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Denver and Arapahoe County: Crimes Resulting from Pornography Use

Pornography is a damaging addiction for men and women across Denver and Arapahoe County. Not only does it distort sexual relationships between men and women, but it can break families apart. Additionally, viewing, creating or sharing pornography can warrant serious criminal charges such as Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, Enticement of a Child …

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Jun 02

Denver Juvenile Record Expungement Lawyer: When Can a Juvenile Record Be Expunged in Douglas County?

In Denver and Douglas County, a juvenile can petition the court to expunge their criminal record if they receive an adjudication in juvenile court for a crime such as Public Indecency or Unlawful Sexual Contact. However, there are some cases where a juvenile cannot expunge their record. For this reason, it’s imperative you have an …

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May 31

5th Amendment Right to Remain Silent in Denver and Jefferson County Sexual Assault Cases

In Denver County Courts and Jefferson County Courts, you have a right to remain silent when accused of Sexual Assault on a Child, Unlawful Sexual Contact or Public Indecency. Otherwise known as your Fifth Amendment Right to Remain Silent, or Privilege Against Self Incrimination, this right protects you from being called to testify against yourself …

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May 26

Lifetime Sex Offender Registration in Denver and Adams County: Sex Crimes Requiring Lifetime Registration

There are some sexual offenses which require lifetime sex offender registration in Denver, Adams County and across Colorado. For many of these crimes, lifetime registration seems unreasonable, as even some misdemeanor sex crimes require lifetime registration. You should always consult an aggressive criminal defense attorney from the O’Malley Law Office if facing charges of a …

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