Denver Sexual Assault / Sexual Contact Attorney – Questions and Answers on Sexual Offenders, Sexual Offenses and Sex Crimes Laws

Sexual Assault Denver Lawyer – Questions and Answers

You need a Denver Sexual Assault attorney if you have questions about sex offenders, sex crime laws and sex offenses in Colorado.

As Denver, Colorado sexual assault / sexual contact lawyers, we have been helping those accused, arrested or charged with crimes like Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on a Child, Domestic Violence, Public Indecency and Unlawful Sexual Contact for over 25 years.  As trusted and experienced sexual assault criminal lawyers in Colorado, we have developed a list of questions and answers surrounding sexual offenses, sexual offenders, sex offender management, sex offender treatment, sex offender registration, age of consent laws, plea bargaining, and much more. Always consult an experienced Denver, Adams and Jefferson County sexual assault lawyer if you or a loved one has been accused, arrested or charged with a sexual offense / sexual crime anywhere in Colorado. You can request a free initial consultation, and we will sit down with you to discuss your unique situation in greater detail.

  1. Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) – Questions and Answers.

    • Colorado Sex Offender Management Board – What is it?
    • SOMB – Who and what makes up the board
    • Sex Offender Management Board and their beliefs on sex offenders
    • Sex Offender Management Board treatment program – What happens when in the program
    • Denver sexual assault defense attorney – Why call a criminal defense lawyer?
  2. Colorado sex offender treatment, therapy, and policies under SOMB – Questions and Answers.

    • Denver sex offender treatment – Are there restrictions on working while undergoing treatment?
    • Sex offender treatment in Denver – Getting a job if you are in treatment
    • Colorado Sex Offender Treatment program – does it impact your ability to hunt, shoot or own a gun?
    • Colorado Sex Offender Therapy – can you still travel?
    • Highlands Ranch private attorney or criminal lawyer – is it worth spending the money on one?
  3. Denver sexual assault criminal attorney for sexual offenses – Frequently Asked Questions.

    • Accused of a sex crime in Colorado – why do you need a sex crimes defense attorney?
    • Colorado sexual assault attorneys – what an attorney can do with charges that a defendant cannot do
    • Douglas County sexual crimes defense lawyers and their experience – how it will benefit your criminal case
  4. Denver sex offender plea agreements – Answers to Your Questions.

    • Plea bargains in Colorado – definition of plea bargain
    • Adams County plea deals – why would you take them?
    • Plea bargain sentences in Arapahoe County
    • Plea bargaining in Denver – why you need a sex crimes attorney when plea bargaining
  5. Statutory rape, age of consent and Romeo and Juliet laws in Colorado – Questions and Answers.

    • Statutory rape in Denver – what is statutory rape?
    • Romeo and Juliet laws in Colorado
    • Colorado’s age of consent laws
    • Statutory rape accusations in Denver – why you need a Denver criminal lawyer
  6. Colorado sexual offenses – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

    • Colorado sex offense convictions – what are the consequences?
    • Denver sex cases – is consent a defense?
    • Jefferson County Entrapment – definition of Entrapment
    • Statutory rape in Colorado if someone lies about their age?
    • Rape and sexual assault in Denver – what’s the difference?
    • Probable cause in Denver – what is probable cause?
    • Sex offender registration in Colorado – who must register?
    • Colorado sex offenders in the community – will the community be notified?
    • Aurora sexual offense defenses – what are defenses to sex crimes in Colorado?
    • Denver sexual assault criminal lawyer – why you need one
  7. Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Colorado – Answers to Your Questions.

    • Denver Sexual Exploitation of a Child explained in non-legal terms
    • Colorado sexually exploitative material and child nudity – what’s the difference?
    • Denver police – how they see what’s on a computer or cell phone
    • Colorado criminal charges in criminal sex case – how deleted pictures count towards charges
    • Denver sexual assault / sexual contact lawyer – advice on child pornography / Sexual Exploitation of a Child charges

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a sexual offense in Adams, Douglas County or anywhere else in Colorado, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact the best Denver sexual assault criminal defense attorneys at the O’Malley Law Office at 303-830-0880, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.

Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) – Questions and Answers

The Sex Offender Management Board in Colorado In Colorado, a person convicted of a sex crime is treated very differently than a person convicted of any other misdemeanor or felony crime. The lengths of sentences differ, and treatment programs are mandatory for sex offenders prior parole being offered. Dealing with the Sex Offender Management Board …

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Common Questions and Answers Regarding Methods Utilized by SOMB for Sex Offender Therapy or Treatment and Procedures and Policies

We speak to prospective clients and people charged with or convicted of sex offenses like Sexual Assault on a Child in Denver, Enticement of a Child in Jefferson County, Internet Luring of a Child in Adams County, and Sexual Assault on a Child – Position of Trust in Arapahoe County everyday in our law office. …

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Why does someone accused of a sex crime need a lawyer? Why would they need one if the accusations are false? A criminal lawyer for a sex crime case is one of the best assets anyone could possibly have when facing any type of sex crime charge. A knowledgeable and experienced sex crimes attorney has …

Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Colorado Questions and Answers

Explain exactly what Sexual Exploitation of a Child (CRS 18-6-403) is in non-legal terms? Sexual Exploitation of a Child is also called and known as child pornography in Colorado. It consists of all accusations or instances where someone has pictures of children who are undressed in some way or completely nude and are usually pictures …

Statutory Rape, the Age of Consent, and Romeo + Juliet Laws in Denver

Colorado’s laws regarding Rape and Sexual Assault are complex, and the consequences of a conviction in Denver, Jefferson, and Adams County are harsh and life-changing. We’ll explain the definition of Statutory Rape, the Romeo and Juliet laws, and the age of consent in Colorado. If you are concerned someone may accuse you of a sex …

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Offenses

How are people convicted of a sex offense punished? People convicted of a sex crime are dealt with much more harshly than others convicted of a crime that is not a sex offense. Any sex crime against children or involving violence is treated much more severely than a usual sex crime charge. A misdemeanor sex …