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Testimonials from past clients of the Denver criminal defense lawyers at the O'Malley Law Office.

These testimonials were provided by past clients of the O’Malley Law Office, P.C.

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by Anonymous on O'Malley Law Office

Terry O'Malley took my case personally. He called me and kept me in the loop on every step of the case. Terry dealt hands on with my specific issue and his hard work and dedication has changed my life! I would recommend Terry O'Malley to anyone looking for a good, honest, hardwoking lawyer! Thank you Terry!

by Jeff J. on O'Malley Law Office

I interviewed five attorneys before deciding on Nikea. Best choice I could have made. It was not a slam dunk case. Nikea worked many hours outside of business hours and even weekends on my case. She even answered my texts, all hours of the day and night. Even when it looked rough, she persevered ahead. And she inspired me to fight on and we came out victorious. She's tougher than nails. She listened to my ideas. She attacked it from all angles. Her preparation is excellent. And oh, is she sharp... at trial she objected before the prosecutor was half way through his sentence. Incredible work Nikea! I'm so happy I chose you. My recommendation is to call Nikea first before you answer ANY questions from authorities. Thank you again, and again.

by Alan G. on O'Malley Law Office

I met with Kyle Sawyer an attorney with the O'Malley Law office. He provided legal advice on several firearms matters and I was able to use his information to navigate the murky waters of Colorado law in regards to firearms.I would definitely again contact Kyle with any Colorado firearm law questions.

by Ravi K. on O'Malley Law Office

Thank You for taking care of my case and I sincerely appreciate all the help and support you have provided me during the past year. I am happy for the legal services I received from your esteemed organization. My special Thank You to Mr. Sean Harrell and your staff at O'Malley Law Office. I have had difficult times but I knew I was in good hands when we approached your organization for legal services, and the level of support and motivation you have provided to us was outstanding, we will never forget in our life.With the success in my case, I feel comfortable to move on in my career path and pursue my career goals. I am confident and looking forward for a bright future ahead and I feel very bold to say I have never been charged. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Sean and his team from the bottom of my heart for your proficiency in resolving critical issues and protecting our human rights. I strongly recommend O'Malley Law Services to meet your legal services, you are in expert hands.

by Alan Y. on O'Malley Law Office

Our attorney Kyle Sawyer helped us tremendously with a traffic case. Thank you Kyle, we will never forget!

Lawyer Terry Omalley was referred to me by a Pastor. I've gone with Terry for long time with victory one after another. I observed and strongly perceived that he really cared about clients from his heart and put lots of thought into his expertise from hundreds of criminal cases. As an example, he paid visitation and represented in jail promptly to rescue his clients. He knows very well how the courts run and his representations in Courts have always been awesome and clear while his fees are absolutely low. Also, he built a great team. My sincere appreciation goes to Greg, and Suzan, etc. Hereby I really strongly recommend him if you are looking for a criminal lawyer for your decision-making.

by Dan T. on O'Malley Law Office

Terry O'Malley was terrific to work with! He was very personable and really went out of his way to listen to my concerns and help me in a time of real need. He encouraged me along the way, keeping my hopes up, but also being realistic about the potential outcome. When the decision was ruled in our favor it was a huge relief and I felt that Mr. O'Malley was as excited as I was to celebrate the final results! - Dan Thomas (Timberline Ministries)

by David M. on O'Malley Law Office

Thank you to O'Malley Law firm and my attorney Kyle Sawyer. When I was wrongly accused of a crime by the police I met with Kyle and after speaking with him I knew that he was the person to handle my case. Kyle kept and delivered on all promises. Kyle told me that he didn't think that my case wouldn't even make it to trial and he was correct on that account too. He was a very knowledgeable attorney and I feel lucky to have him and O'Malley represent me. On one specific occasion the Ft. Lupton Police attempted to violate my Maranda Rights and Kyle was in court. I called his office and Terry O'Malley picked up the ball in Kyle's absents and stopped them dead in their tracks. I mention this because I believe that this office will take care of any needs that arise even if one of their lawyers are occupied. Once again I would highly recommend the O'Malley Law Firm and especially Kyle Sawyer. He is honest and compassionate.

by Kandice G. on O'Malley Law Office

Last year I made a colossal mistake needing representation to prevent possible jail time and a huge fine. As soon as I realized I would need a lawyer I found O'Malley Law Office online. Sean Harrell was the first person I spoke with, during the call he was patient while I told him my situation. Sean met my boyfriend and I with a handshake and a smile at the free consultation. He then spent the next hour explaining his background and how he would be able to help me out of the mess I had created for myself. I was impressed with his work, his experience and the time he gave me. When court came, not only did he keep me out of jail and only court fees to pay, he gave me peace of mind. If you need representation do yourself a favor and call O'Malley law office!

by Jillian D. on O'Malley Law Office

I was very pleased with Sean being my lawyer. He gave me great advice and was very helpful during my case. He also answered any of my questions or concerns in a timely manner, and was also a very respectful person in general. I was very happy to have him represent me! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer!

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