Feb 08

First Court Appearance: What Rights the Judge Must Inform You Of

  Upon the first court appearance for a sexual offense in Denver or Arapahoe County or upon arraignment (whichever is first), a judge has a duty to inform you (the defendant) of certain things and make sure you understand your rights. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing what the court must inform you of during …

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Feb 05

Man Accused of Internet Sexual Exploitation for Asking for Nude Images of Children

According to the news, a 47-year-old man was accused of sexually exploiting children after his home was searched. He was accused of sending multiple sexual messages online to a girl who was 9 years of age. After a search of his home was done, nearly 70 pornographic videos were found. He later admitted to investigators …

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Feb 03

Modifying or Dismissing a Civil Protection Order / Restraining Order

If you have a civil restraining / protection order against you after you’ve been charged or accused of a sexual offense such as Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on a Child, or Sexual Exploitation of a Child, you may be wondering if it’s possible to modify or dismiss the restraining order against you. Fortunately, the answer …

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Feb 01

Denver Lawyer for Sexual Offenses: Jails in the Denver Area

The Denver County Jail and the Arapahoe County Jail illustrate the typical Colorado jails and detention facilities located in various counties throughout Colorado. Like the other 62 county jails in our state, these jails are run by the county sheriff’s department. Sheriff’s deputies are the jailers working with the inmates. Those arrested will spend time …

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Jan 29

Denver Juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact Lawyer: Teen Accused of Sexual Contact in Locker Room

  According to the news, a 17-year-old juvenile was accused of a sexual encounter with two young boys in a locker room. A six-year-old boy involved told police the 17-year-old teen asked to see his genitals and proceeded to touch them when he was changing into a swimsuit in the locker room. The boy also …

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Jan 27

Denver Jury Trial Attorney: Jury Trials in Colorado

In Denver, Littleton and across Colorado, jury trials are used to determine the outcome of a criminal case. There are various kinds of jury trials in Colorado depending on whether your case is a municipal, misdemeanor or felony case. You can find a list of trial courts by county here. Denver Municipal or City Court …

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Jan 25

Fort Collins Unlawful Sexual Contact Lawyer: Nurse Accused of Unlawful Sexual Contact

Two women accused a male nurse of touching them inappropriately while they were his patients. One incident occurred in Fort Collins, Colorado, while the other incident occurred outside of Colorado. In the first incident, a woman alleged the male nurse kissed her bare breasts and neck when she was “out of it,” but later regained …

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Jan 22

Pimping and Pandering Denver Lawyer | Man Operates Prostitution Ring Under Alias Ron Burgundy

According to the news, a man was accused of operating a prostitution ring out of an apartment and advertising prostitution services online. He was allegedly advertising different sexual acts with prostitutes in exchange for a fee. According to the story, he was operating a prostitution ring under the alias Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell’s character in …

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Jan 20

Voyeurism Denver Lawyer – Charged as Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification in Colorado

Voyeurism in Denver and Jefferson County is defined as secretly receiving sexual gratification from observing sexual behavior or the intimate parts of another. Those who observe others in this manner are also known as peeping toms. In Colorado, these actions can lead to criminal charges of Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification. In one news …

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Jan 18

Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor Denver Lawyer: Secret Service Agent Charged

According to the news, a 37-year-old Secret Service employee was arrested and charged after sending sexual content to a minor. The agent was employed by the USSS Uniformed Division and was assigned to the White House. He was accused of sending pictures of his exposed / erect penis to a girl he believed was 14 …

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