Nov 25

Denver Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault

Uber drivers are becoming more convenient for commuters to use in Denver. Men and women can find an Uber driver in minutes just by using the Uber app, which is quick and reliable. Two women in Denver, however, may be reconsidering choosing an Uber driver the next time they go out. According to a news …

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Nov 23

Fort Collins Police Sting Leaves Five Arrested for Soliciting for Prostitution

Recently, Fort Collins police conducted an undercover police sting operation. They posed as prostitutes putting up ads in the escort sections of sites such as Backpage and Craigslist. Any time people responded to the ads, police then made arrangements to meet at a local hotel. When men showed up at the hotel, they expected to …

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Nov 20

Sexual Assault on a Child in Colorado: Deputy Sheriff Charged with Sex Assault on a Child

In Denver, Aurora, and elsewhere in Colorado, deputy sheriffs are sometimes charged with sex crimes, too. According to a recent news story, a 24-year-old deputy sheriff was fired after being arrested for aggravated sexual assault on a child. The sheriff had just been hired in August of 2015. In Colorado, the sheriff could be charged with …

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Nov 18

What is the Extradition Process in Colorado?

More and more men and women are facing extradition in Denver, Colorado and across the United States. Because of its frequency, it’s important that men and women know what extradition is, and what the extradition process looks like in Colorado or any other state. Extradition in Adams County Basically, whenever someone is accused of a sex …

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Nov 16

Denver Incest Laws | Relatives Accused of Incest by Juvenile

In a recent news story I read, a 41-year-old woman and her husband were accused of incest by a juvenile relative. They were accused of getting the juvenile drunk and forcing him / her to engage in sexual acts with the couple. That was the first incident. The second incident hadn’t been fully investigated yet. …

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Nov 11

Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver: Twerking Leads to Criminal Charges

I can’t keep up with all of the different kinds of dancing out there these days. One type of dancing has become fairly popular in today’s culture – it’s called “twerking”, a provocative dance to music. I hear plenty about twerking from television or on the internet, but I never thought I’d hear about it …

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Nov 09

Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification or Criminal Invasion of Privacy? Man Films Students Using Restroom

Sometimes, we aren’t always as discreet as we may think. For one man, I’m not sure how he thought he wouldn’t get caught after recording women using the restroom on his Nintendo device. He was caught after a female reported seeing a hand underneath her bathroom stall, holding a Nintendo 3DS. Not very discreet if …

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Nov 06

Aurora Teacher Arrested for Indecent Exposure After Masturbating in Shower

As sex crimes defense attorneys who have handled many sex crime cases in Colorado, it never comes as a surprise when a defendant is accused by a victim or a witness of committing a sexual offense. In fact, in one news story I read, an Aurora third-grade teacher was arrested for Indecent Exposure after masturbating …

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Nov 05

Differences Between Enticement of a Child and Internet Luring of a Child in Denver

Enticement of a Child and Internet Luring of a Child are similar sex crimes in Denver, Littleton and Aurora, Colorado. Though they’re similar in some ways, it’s important to know their differences and how you can be charged with one or both of these sex crimes in Colorado. The biggest differences between these two sex …

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Nov 02

Obscenity and Enticement of a Child in Denver | Adult Accused of Watching Porn with Child

As sex crimes defense attorneys in Denver and across Colorado, we frequently hear of sex crime cases where a child has made a sex offense allegation against an older adult. In fact, in one news story I read today, an adult was accused of a sex crime by an 11-year-old. Apparently, the child said the …

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