Jul 29

Who’s On Your Side? Denver Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

Charged with a sex crime in Denver? You need an expert sex crime attorney to fight for your side.

Being charged with a sex crime in Colorado can be overwhelming and often unpredictable. And, the fact of the matter is—it can be hard to know who’s on your side when facing accusations, charges or convictions for a sex crime. As sex crime defense lawyers in Jefferson and Douglas County, and throughout Colorado, we are the …

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Jul 27

Denver Public Indecency Charges on Opposite Day

When you think of Opposite Day, what do you think of? Eating breakfast for dinner? Students teaching a class, instead of teachers? Perhaps everyone has their own way of celebrating Opposite Day. For one man, his idea of celebrating was apparently walking down a city street without any clothes. When confronted by police, he claimed …

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Jul 24

Domestic Violence—A Sentence Enhancer in Denver

Jeff lives in Arapahoe County, Colorado. He is 18 years of age, while his girlfriend is under 15 years of age. The two have had a sexual relationship for a while that wasn’t always consensual.  The relationship came to a quick hault when Jeff’s girlfriend’s parents found out. Her parents immediately called the police, who …

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Jul 22

Denver Sex Offender Registration Frequently Asked Questions  

As attorneys who specialize in sex crimes across Denver and Arapahoe County, we want to ensure that people are aware of the risks of a sex crime conviction. One of those risks is likely sex offender registration. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions surrounding sex offender registration across Colorado. I was convicted …

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Jul 21

Theme Park Tickets for Sex | Internet Luring in Denver

Disneyland is a highly desirable place to visit, and some people might do whatever it takes to get there. For one Disney employee, he must have recognized the popularity of Disneyland when he decided to offer theme park tickets in exchange for sex with a minor. An ad that the 27-year-old man posted was found …

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Jul 20

Colorado Springs Therapist Faces Sexual Assault Charges

A while ago, a Colorado Springs therapist faced charges of sexual assault for having sex with one of his group therapy patients. Apparently, a woman had been seeing the therapist and began a flirtatious relationship with him before starting a sexual relationship. The woman said she had sex with the therapist on multiple occasions, and …

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Jul 15

Pimping and Pandering Charges from Easy Internet Access in Denver

With the ease of meeting others online and free advertising of services online, Prostitution tends to occur more frequently. Likewise, the Internet world makes it easier for police. Using the Internet, law enforcement officers often find evidence to use against someone while sitting in their office on a computer. Recently there was a news story …

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Jul 13

Denver Privacy Invasion in a Bathroom Stall

Privacy is something many people value, but is also something that is often violated. In fact, I read a news story the other day surrounding this idea. The news story was about a violation of privacy in a women’s restroom in Denver. Apparently, a man was taking photos underneath the bathroom stalls. He was using …

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Jul 10

The Close Watch of the Sex Offender Management Board in Colorado

When someone is convicted of a sex offense, one of the requirements includes being overseen by what is called the Sex Offender Management Board. This board monitors the behavior and lifestyles of those convicted of a sex crime by strict policies and rules. The rules set in place are often harsh and restricting. Let’s take …

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Jul 08

Sexting in Denver | Is Your Child Safe?

Your kids may have grown up in or are currently growing up in the new era of technology. With the internet and the many features of a smartphone easily accessible to teens, it has posed a risk for those involved in “sexting”. Sexting is something that has become widely popular for teens. An article I …

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