Jul 01

Denver Sex Offender Registry: Once a Sex Offender, Now a Freed Man

I don’t know if you kept up with it, but almost a year ago there was a story of a 32-year-old man that was wrongly convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl. As a result, he faced 12 years in prison before he was exonerated. He also received the harsh label of a sex offender, which haunted him every …

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Jun 30

Denver Child Sexual Assault Charges Can Be Unfair

  Sex is something many young kids try to experiment with on a daily basis. They are curious, and often don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Recently, I read a great example of this when a 19-year-old man mistakenly had sex with a 14-year-old girl. The two met on a social app called Hot …

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Jun 26

Unlawful Sexual Contact Charges at a Bus Stop in Denver

Sometimes, there’s more to it than just being a Good Samaritan. According to a news story I was reading today, what a 23-year-old man thought was going to be a short ride to a bus stop turned into a sexual assault. The news story reports that the bus driver said he could perform sexual acts …

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Jun 22

Incest in Denver: Can a Father Marry His Daughter?

A news story surrounding an 18-year-old girl wanting to marry her father grabbed my attention this morning and made me wonder if the media was exaggerating it. After 12 years of not seeing her father, the news story talks of a girl who was instantly attracted to her father when reunited with him. The 18-year-old …

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Jun 19

The Man in Pink: Public Indecency Charges in Colorado

It’s not often you hear about a man brave enough to walk in women’s heels, let alone run in them. A news story I read today told of a man running around in nothing but a turban and pink high heels, then hiding behind a tree. There, he attempted to put on a pair of …

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Jun 17

Man Accused of Unlawful Premarital Sex: Colorado Sexual Assault on a Child Charges

In many cases, sexual assault occurs where there is no consent given. However, in some cases consent is given, but age gaps result in sexual assault charges. As I write this blog, I am thinking about a news story I read recently where a 41-year-old man had premarital sex with his now 16-year-old wife. The two …

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Jun 15

Denver Disguises: Internet Luring of a Child

According to the news, a 52-year-old man was convicted after traveling to Colorado to meet a young girl that he lured over the Internet for sex. Instead of meeting a teen girl, however, he met an undercover police officer who pretended to be the teen. The man sent naked images of himself and asked for …

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Jun 12

Denver Social Media: Are There Risks for Child Sexual Exploitation?

Today, I read a news story about a case of child sexual exploitation. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported suspicious internet activity related to a man’s social media account. Following an investigation, the man was arrested on suspicion of having illegal images of children in his possession. If this incident occurred in …

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Jun 10

Online Dating Leads to Denver Prostitution?

Online dating is fairly common in our society today, but rarely have I heard about it being a cause of prostitution. I was surprised by that idea after reading a news story about it. The news story talked about men, who called themselves sugar daddies, looking for relationships online. However, they were offering to pay …

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Jun 08

Denver Hypnosis Leads to Sexual Assault by a Psychologist?

Recently, a man working as a hypnotist and psychologist was said to have engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his clients two separate times. The first time the man sexually assaulted the client, the victim never told anyone about it. But the second time she went in for treatment from the hypnotist, she claimed that …

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