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Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Sep 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

Child sex assault in Colorado is a crime that involves sexual contact with youth under the age of 15. Even allegations of inappropriately touching a young person can negatively impact someone for the rest of their life. A key element of this sex offense is that the actor was 4 or more years older than the alleged victim when the sexual touching occurred.

It is wise as an adult to never be alone with anyone's children age 14 or younger as one accusation can lead to prison, decades of supervision, and sex offender registration. Consult a skilled criminal defense attorney right away if you're facing a charge of child sex assault in Colorado.

Things to Know About Child Sex Assault in Colorado Springs and Denver

There are different elements to child sex assault that prosecutors try to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. C.R.S. 18-3-405 describes the specific violations of sexual assault on a child in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora.

Within the age parameters above, child sex assault occurs if you touch specific intimate parts of a child or the child touches your intimate parts. These private parts don't have to be exposed for charges to result. Groping or fondling a young teen's clothed breast, butt, or genital area qualifies as sexual assault if done for sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse.

Additionally, if a defendant was responsible in any way and for any period of time for the juvenile's education or supervision, a position of trust charge applies.

Sentencing for Sexual Assault on a Child in Colorado

Certain sexual assault on a child cases can include indeterminate sentencing parameters. That sometimes means a minimum sentence with no max, for instance 2 years to life in prison or lifetime supervision on probation.

Child sex assault that doesn't involve any threats or force and occurred one time is a class 4 felony in Colorado. Conviction can result in:

However, when the sexual contact occurred more than once, there were threats made, or the use of force, a class 3 felony applies. This can double the prison sentence, as well as substantially increase the fine amount.

Colorado's Best Sex Crimes Attorney

The time to contact a skilled criminal lawyer is now if facing an allegation of child sex assault in Colorado. The penalties are too steep to avoid prompt action.

We have decades of experience with sexual assaults in Colorado and our results stand alone. Perhaps the contact was accidental, didn't include an intimate part, or wasn't for sexual gratification. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free consultation with a passionate defense attorney. We will carefully analyze your unique case, as well as recommend next steps in your defense.

Don't talk to the police if being accused of child sex assault in Colorado - talk to us. 303-830-0880

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