Why a Jail Conference is Vital for Defense

The Arapahoe County Jail (720-874-3500) or Arapahoe County Detention Facility , is located just east of the Centennial Airport, immediately behind the Arapahoe County Courthouse, at 7375 South Potomac Street. The jail and the courthouse share a parking lot.

The experienced attorneys at our office provides 24 hour, immediate jail visits to the Arapahoe County Jail for a fee. This is critical to your defense.

Why a Jail Conference is Vital for Defense

After your loved ones have been arrested, the most important thing you can do to help is to set up a jail visit with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This is because your friends and family are cut off from communication. Police investigators use this lack of communication to interview your loved ones without the presence or advice from a lawyer. An attorney who goes to a jail for a visit will be able to let your friend know they are not alone, and give them the important advice of staying quiet and remaining silent about their situation. An attorney often is the difference between a guilty verdict and a case dismissal. Your loved one will be equipped to remain silent until they are bonded out of jail. Don't let the Greenwood Village Police Department get your your friend or loved one first; contact a criminal lawyer who can meet them for a jail discussion – together, we can protect their future.

Bail and Bonds:

The Arapahoe County Jail permits bail and bonds to be posted in the form of:

  • Surety bonds
  • Property bonds
  • Cash bonds
  • Occasionally, the court approves the use of a personal recognizance bond (personal recognizance bonds are not given to inmates with prior criminal histories. Usually, they require your appearance before the court, which necessitates an overnight stay in jail).

There is an additional $10 bond fee and a $40 booking fee (yes, you have to pay to be arrested).

Note: Only cash bonds are returned to those posting a bond – and only if the inmate appears at all court appearances. Don't use a bondsman if you have the full cash bond. Using a bondsman is like paying a rental fee for money – you will only receive a portion of your money back.

Funds for Inmates: Accounts

You can put funds into an account for an inmate in two ways:

  • In-Person: Visit the jail with cash, U.S. Postal Service money orders, cashier checks and certified funds.
  • Online: Visit Access Corrections and create an account that you can fill with your credit or debit card (there are fees related to paying with a credit card).

Inmates can use the money from their account for commissary purchases like personal care items and additional food. Money should be deposited in the inmate's account by 3:00pm on Wednesday if the inmate wishes to purchase items that will be delivered by the following Saturday.

Note: The jail takes a percentage of the money to pay the inmate's booking fee and costs.

Inmate Mail

If you wish to send mail to an inmate, address it to:

Inmate's complete name and ID#
P.O. Box 4918
Centennial, CO 80155-4918

Note: Make sure that your letter has sufficient postage and has a complete return address that contains a full name, mailing address, city, state and zip code. Any letters that have insufficient postage or an incomplete return address are considered contraband, and will not reach the inmate.


The following items are not allowed in the jail. Do not send any of these items to an inmate:

  • Polaroid photos
  • Photos or pictures larger than 4×6 inches
  • Stamps
  • Food items
  • Stationary
  • Newspaper and internet articles, pages from books or magazines or photocopies
  • Pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, plastic cards, business cards, or stickers
  • Letters with lipstick marks
  • Sexual explicit items
  • Drawings by crayons or markers
  • Banking documents
  • Checks

None of these items can be admitted to the facility.


Visits can be mad to inmates in person at the jail. In order to visit an inmate, you must first register and obtain a visitor ID number. To arrange for a visit with an inmate at the Arapahoe County Jail:

You must have your visitor ID number to schedule any visits. To obtain your I.D. number (or if you need any other assistance), call the Detention Center General number at 720-874-3500. Be sure to have your driver's license or other government identification to your visit. Here are

  • Visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance
  • You must be on the inmate's visitor list to see the inmate
  • In-person visits last 30 minutes
  • You cannot bring a cell phone or any other electronics to the visitation booth.

Note: All visits are over a video / TV with a phone handset at each end. All visits are recorded and are used to prosecute the inmate. So, don't speak about the inmate's case at all.

Work Release Program

The Arapahoe County Jail and Detention Facility provides the option for work release sentences (this is also called Alternative Sentencing) if approved by the court.

  • There is an application process that should be completed in advance of your sentencing.
  • There is a daily fee to participate in work release ($190 up front to begin).
  • Proof of employment is mandatory.

Note: The jail decides whether or not to grant the work release – not the judge.

Weekender Program

The jail also offers a Weekender Program, which is where the inmate serves their time on their days off work.

  • This program requires application.
  • Apply long before your sentencing.

Location and Hours:

7375 South Potomac Street
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 720-874-3500
Website: Arapahoe County Jail

The schedule a lawyer visit 24/7 with your family or friend at the Arapahoe County Jail and Detention Facility, call our experienced sex crimes defense attorneys at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect their future.