Do You Really Need a Lawyer for a Colorado Sex Crime?

Why does someone accused of a sex crime need a lawyer? Why would they need one if the accusations are false?

A criminal lawyer for a sex crime case is one of the best assets anyone could possibly have when facing any type of sex crime charge. A knowledgeable and experienced sex crimes attorney has the capacity to find defenses that could help your case. Especially if the charges are falsified or exaggerated, a lawyer will be able to help you with your rights so that you never have to pay for something you didn't do. Sex crime charges are some of the easiest to falsify, yet also some of the hardest to prove. In order to avoid a “he said/she said” debate, be prepared with an experienced full-time criminal lawyer close by. Over time, details can fade and any sort of mix up or discrepancy can point to guilt, whether it is there or not. A criminal lawyer solves that problem completely. Many times our clients are falsely accused. We have had many cases where a spouse has been deceitful about a supposed sexual assault to help their position and get more assets in divorce proceedings. In two specific cases involving untrue accusations, one in Greeley and one in Castle Rock, a divorce sparked a sex assault charge of the husband. Because the clients quickly contacted our lawyers, we were able to secure a not guilty verdict and save them from a lifetime in prison.

What can an attorney do with the charges that you cannot?

When someone is accused of  Internet Luring of a Child (18-3-306),  Unlawful Sexual Contact (18-3-404), and  Indecent Exposure (18-7-302) among other sex crimes, a lawyer may be able to secure a plea deal with the district attorney for a much easier sentence. Oftentimes, though, the accused is not aware of how many options are actually available to them and whether the case can be won at trial. A lawyer experienced in handling sex crime cases can much more easily navigate the in's and out's of our complicated justice system. A case in Jefferson county was handled by our firm in which charges were filed because our client failed to register as a sex offender. We talked with the district attorneys and showed specific weaknesses in the case that would sway a jury if the case was brought to trial. Based on our work, they dismissed the charges completely.

What can the experience of a Colorado sex crime lawyer do for you and your case?

Relationships + Reputation + Resources = Results. Our relationships provide credibility with the district attorney and they know where we are coming from. They know we have the experience to win because of our reputation from prior cases. We have resources available to use in defending our clients, such as expert witnesses like therapists, doctors, and accident reconstructionists. 

If you are facing a sex crime charge in Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas county, or any other part of the Denver-Metro area, know that the criminal lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group with fight for hope and protect your rights. Exercise your right to remain silent, and call Sawyer Legal Group, LLC at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.