Internet Sex Crimes

The Serious Nature of Internet Sex Crimes

Enticement of a Child, Internet Luring of a Child, Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child, and Sexual Exploitation of a Child charges are all serious crimes that are easily committed in today's culture.

The internet has afforded our society opportunities and advantages that have never been available before. We can instantly connect with millions of people all across the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, instant messenger services, and live gaming. The internet provides access to more information than we ever thought possible and gives it to us faster than any other time in history.

The internet has also, unfortunately, opened the floodgates for new sex crimes committed exclusively on the internet.

20 years ago, these crimes were not prosecuted or nearly as widespread as they are now. Because of the ease, anonymity, speed, and networking possibilities of the internet, committing a crime online is easy, but prosecuted harshly.

Enticement of a Child

CRS 18-3-305

Internet Luring of a Child

CRS 18-3-306

Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child

CRS 18-3-405.4

Sexual Exploitation of a Child

CRS 18-3-403

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