What is a Sex Offense? Sex Offense Overview

Sex Offenses Explained

What is a sex offense? “Sex offense” is a broad term that covers any type of unlawful sexual behavior: Sexual Assault (Rape), Incest, Enticement of a Child, and more. Strict sentencing laws are applied to all sex crimes and make them some of the most severe charges a person can face in Colorado. The punishments for a convicted sex offender are severe and life-changing. It is very important to get an experienced Denver sex crimes lawyer for your defense if faced with any sex crime charge.

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What is a Sex Offense in Arapahoe County?

Sexual activity that is considered to be illegal under Colorado law is a sex offense in Arapahoe County. These crimes include physical crimes like Unlawful Sexual Contact, Incest or Aggravated Incest, Indecent Exposure, and “cyber” crimes like Internet Luring of a Child and Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child. Crimes against children or those that involve violence, like rape or sexual assault, are the most serious. You will need a dependable Denver sex crimes lawyer on your side.

Rape Charges in Adams County

Sexual acts forced onto another person against their will or when the person is not able to give consent (either because of age or mental capability) is sexual assault in Adams County, Colorado. Such offenses are commonly known as rape. Statutory rape is performing sexual acts on someone who is younger than the legal age of consent.

“Date rape” is technically defined as unwanted or forced sex between two people who previously knew each other and are out for a social outing, like a date. Any type of activity that gives one party sexual gratification at the expense of another is generally considered to be a type of sexual assault or abuse. Definitions like these are difficult to sort out – a Denver sex crimes lawyer an help.

Victimless Sex Offenses

Victimless sex offenses occur when the sex offense does not have an apparent victim. Sometimes the sex act takes place between two consenting individuals like with prostitution or the solicitation of one. Some view indecent exposure or illegal possession of pornography as victimless crimes.

The punishments for these offenses are just as harsh as other types of sex offenses where there is an obvious victim: you need an experienced Denver sex crimes lawyer for your defense. Either way, Colorado requires that anyone convicted of certain sex offenses, even victimless ones, must register as a sex offender and be under government supervision for a long period of time, if not the remainder of their life.

List of Sex Offenses in Colorado

Before you speak with police, contact our experienced Denver Sex Crimes Lawyers for your defense.

Indeterminate Sentencing in Jefferson County

Even though sex crimes vary, the seriousness of the punishment does not. In Jefferson County, Colorado, indeterminate sentencing is used for sex crimes; this means that there is no definite end time given for the sentence. People convicted of sex crimes are faced with a maximum sentence of life in prison, even though the minimum sentence might be only a few years. The government believes that this type of sentencing reduces the risk of repeat offenders because it is hard to commit a crime if they are in prison or under strict monitoring. Because of Colorado's indeterminate sentencing, even a simple crime can have terrible, lifetime consequences. Contacting our team of Denver sex crimes lawyers is critical for your defense.

Sex Offender Registration in Denver

All convicted sex offenders must register after their conviction, and in Colorado they must also re-register after any housing or e-mail address changes, an employment move, name change, or enrollment in a college education program. A Denver sex crimes lawyer can help you navigate through the confusion. Most Colorado counties charge initial registration fees and re-registration fees. It is counted as an additional crime if the individual fails to re-register at the specific time.

Social Disgrace

The penalties from a sex crime do not just come from prison or jail time. After a conviction, sex offenders are seen by society as the worst kind of offenders regardless of what their actual crime was. Harassment, relocation, loss of job security, and general distrust in the community can all come from a sex crime conviction.

If you find yourself the victim of an accusation involving a sex crime, take the matter very seriously. A Denver sex crimes lawyer located in Jefferson, Adams, Arapahoe, or Douglas County area that is experienced in fighting charges resulting from false allegations will be an important asset.

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