Sexual Assault Lawyer in Denver, Colorado
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You need an experienced sex crimes attorney to defend against sex crime charges.

You need a sexual assault and crimes lawyer in Denver when facing Colorado Sexual Offense charges like Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification – CRS 18-3-405.6, or Internet Luring. A conviction of these charges has devastating consequences on a person’s future. In Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe County, district attorneys frequently overcharge our clients with convictions of Pimping, Indecent Exposure – CRS 18-7-302, or Incest. In order to combat such charges, call our experienced sex crimes lawyers in Denver, who practice 100% criminal defense.



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What happens if you are convicted of a sex crime?

A conviction of these charges requires:

  • Sex offender registration

  • Prison time with indeterminate sentences

  • Job loss

  • No-contact orders with family members and children.

The consequences of a sex crime charge are serious: Colorado has some of the harshest penalties for convicted sex offenders in the nation. Some offenses require indeterminate prison sentences. Even if the crime you are faced with doesn’t require indeterminate sentencing, many areas of your life will be affected: You may have to register as a sex offender, undergo sex offender treatment as overseen by the Sex Offender Management Board, and deal with the stigma a registered sex offender must endure. Don’t face this ordeal alone – call us to put our twenty years of experience fighting government prosecutions to work for you.


Practice Areas:

You need a Denver Sexual Assault lawyer from the O'Malley Law Office to defend you if facing charges of a sexual offense.

Experience is our greatest asset to handle your sex offense case. Our sexual assault lawyers in Denver are adept at dealing with criminal sex cases. They have built relationships with important decision makers throughout Colorado. Sometimes it does depend on who you know and what you know. We are experts in the local law practices of Denver, Adams and Douglas County. We quickly interview potential witnesses before detectives and police get involved, and have methods to work with alleged victims to find the truth and present it to the court. We have resolved many criminal sex crime cases by dismissal or jury acquittal and will do the same for you.

Sexual Assault on a Child and Other Crimes in Denver: You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Trust in your defense advocate is important when your freedom is hanging in the balance. Genuine concern for our clients separates us from other attorneys practicing in Denver, and we work to gain your trust at every step. We know that you are either being over charged or falsely accused of rape or other sex crimes by the government and you can trust us to make sure you are not taken advantage of by police in the Denver metro area. Our job is to make sure that someone is standing by your side, because the government will be looking for any reason to silence your side of the story in a sex crimes case.


Criminal defense is all we do, and we are criminal law specialists. A full-time criminal defense lawyer in Denver who specializes in sexual assault and sex crime cases has the most experience and knowledge and will give full attention to all matters in a case regarding a sex offense. We only practice criminal law and know the system that dictates sex crime charges very well. We understand and will explain the indeterminate sentencing used in sex crime convictions, registration with SOMB (Sex Offender Management Board) upon a conviction, the age of consent, and what constitutes a “child” in a sex crimes case. When charged with date rape or another sex offense in Colorado or the Denver-metro area, you need a friend that you can trust, because of their knowledge and experience, to be on your side. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Denver. Being accused of a sex offense is a frightening situation: a felony sex assault conviction on your record will change your life forever. The consequences are much worse than regular criminal charges. Having someone to defend you from extreme sex crime claims, like Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child, Felony Sexual Assault -CRS 18-3-402, Unlawful Sexual Contact – CRS 18-3-40, or any type of sexual assault, is essential. We care about you and will prove it.

Call a sex crimes lawyer in Denver County and the surrounding counties of Jefferson, Adams or Douglas. We are experienced in fighting charges resulting from sex crimes. If contacted by police, exercise your right to remain silent and call us at 303-830-0880 or fill out the “Get Help Now” form on the side of the page. Together, we can protect your future.