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Posting a Private Image Lawyer in Jefferson County

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Dec 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Posting a private image lawyer

Posting a private image for harassment is a crime in Jefferson County that involves posting or distributing intimate images of someone without their consent. Commonly occurring after difficult break-ups, exes may choose to seek revenge by posting private photos of their former partners on social media, as well as messaging these images to friends.

Also known as revenge porn, this criminal offense can result in jail time and other costly consequences. Any accusations or charges of distributing revenge porn requires representation from an experienced posting a private image lawyer.

Colorado Posting a Private Image for Harassment

C.R.S. 18-7-107 describes the specific details of posting a private image for harassment in Colorado. Someone commits this crime in Littleton, Lakewood, or Golden if they:

  • are 18 years or older,
  • post or distribute intimate photos or videos of another person,
  • on social media, or via messaging or email,
  • without that person's consent,
  • for the purpose of harassing another person 18 years or older

It is important to take note that the images themselves must show private, intimate parts of an identified or identifiable person. In situations where nudity is absent in the content, sexual acts must be present for charges to apply. Another key element of this crime is that posting of the images causes serious emotional distress upon the individual in the content.

Penalties for Posting Revenge Porn in Jefferson County

Posting private images for harassment is a class 1 misdemeanor throughout the state of Colorado. Possible penalties for conviction include:

  • up to 364 days in county jail,
  • fines of $10,000

This is a significantly steeper fine as compared to other class 1 misdemeanors. Colorado places an emphasis on deterring this behavior via an especially higher fine. Additionally, the individual in the images may seek a civil lawsuit against the person who chose to post the images, potentially resulting in more financial consequences.

If the images posted or distributed contain the intimate parts of any minors under the age of 18, Colorado's laws against child pornography can apply. This can drastically increase the ramifications and lead to lifelong consequences.

Jefferson County Posting a Private Image Lawyer

Seeking revenge on an ex by distributing images can lead to a particularly difficult situation in Lakewood, Golden, and Arvada. A messy end to a relationship shouldn't also mean criminal penalties. Contacting a reputable criminal defense attorney early on can have an especially positive impact on the outcome of these cases.

Contact our office for a free initial consultation where our skilled defense lawyers will carefully analyze your situation, as well as suggest next steps. We offer affordable fees and flexible payment plans that make strategic representation a reality for those facing accusations in Colorado.

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