Denver Juvenile Expungement Lawyer: Expungement of Juvenile Delinquent Records of Sexual Crimes

Juvenile delinquent record expungement in Denver, Adams County and across Colorado refers to the process of closing juvenile criminal records so the public cannot have access to them. Typically, but not always, when an adjudication occurs for a teen in Colorado, that juvenile has a right to petition the court for the expungement of his or her criminal record.

Adjudication for Juveniles Lawyer in Denver, Colorado: What is an Adjudication?

In Denver, Grand County and across Colorado, juvenile criminal cases are handled much less harshly than adult criminal cases. When the verdict for a juvenile in juvenile court is “guilty,” the teen will be adjudicated rather than convicted. This basically means a child will be given alternatives to the consequences of a criminal conviction. In most cases, adjudication allows for a child's criminal record to be expunged. However, if a child has committed a more serious crime such as Sexual Assault or Homicide (where they can be charged as adults), expungement of their criminal record may not be possible.

Juvenile Lawyer for Expungement in Jefferson County:
When Can a Juvenile Record be Expunged?

In Boulder and Jefferson County, a juvenile is able to expunge his or her criminal record immediately upon:

1.A finding of not guilty at an adjudicatory trial;

2.Dismissal of the petition in its entirety as a result of nonprosecution of the offense; or

3.Successful completion of a juvenile diversion program, deferred adjudication or an informal adjustment.

Always consult an experienced juvenile record expungement attorney in Jefferson County for details on what each of these circumstances for expungement mean for your child.

Juvenile Expungement in Brighton, Colorado: When Can't a Juvenile Record Be Expunged?

In Brighton and Adams County, Colorado, a juvenile will not be able to expunge his or her criminal record if he or she has:

Been adjudicated as an aggravated juvenile offender or a violent juvenile offender

A direct filing case

Been adjudicated for unlawful sexual behavior

Failed to pay for court-ordered restitution

If a juvenile hasn't been able to expunge his or her criminal record, but the offense can be expunged, the teen can file a petition with a Colorado court for expungement. However, a juvenile can only file a petition to have a criminal record expunged once during any twelve-month period. Please contact the best juvenile expungement lawyers for more information about the details of your child's case and whether the case can be expunged in Colorado.

Timing of Juvenile Expungement in Castle Rock, Colorado

Typically, in Castle Rock and Douglas County, Colorado, a juvenile criminal record can be expunged immediately if the case is dismissed. But, there are waiting periods involved under certain circumstances:

  1. A juvenile will have to wait one year from the date of:
    1. A law enforcement contact that didn't result in a referral to another agency;
    2. A court's jurisdiction over them ending because they completed probation.
  2. A juvenile will have to wait three years from the date of:
    1. A juvenile's release from the department of human services;
    2. A juvenile's parole supervision ending.
  3. A juvenile will have to wait five years from the date of:
    1. The court's jurisdiction over the juvenile ending;
    2. A juvenile's release from probation or parole supervision if:
      1. The juvenile has been adjudicated a repeat or mandatory juvenile offender;
      2. The juvenile hasn't committed another crime.

Arapahoe County Juvenile Expungement Attorney: Juvenile Expungement Leads to a More Hopeful Future

When a juvenile record is expunged in Denver, Arapahoe County or Gilpin County, it is good news for the teen. When your teen applies for a job in Colorado, for example, a background check will show no police records, no records from the Arapahoe County Jail, or even records from juvenile detention centers. Your child can continue living their life and have a more successful future. At Sawyer Legal Group, our juvenile lawyers have been working with juvenile cases for over a decade. We practice 100% criminal defense, which means we'll be completely devoted to your juvenile's criminal case. If your juvenile has more questions about getting their juvenile criminal record expunged anywhere in Colorado, call the juvenile expungement lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group to set up a free initial consultation today.

If your child has more questions about expunging their juvenile criminal record in Littleton, Englewood, Aurora, or anywhere else in Colorado, be smart, exercise your child's right to remain silent, and contact the best juvenile defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your child's future.