Colorado Courts, Jails and Counties: Information

If you have been accused of or charged with a sex crime in the Denver area, then you will need to know more about Colorado courts, jails and counties. Click on your option below.

List of Counties in Colorado:

Read our complete list of counties and cities in Colorado. If you don't know what county your city belongs to – find out using this list of counties.

Court Information:

Our court information page can be useful if you have a court date, need to report to a probation department, or need more information about search warrants or arrest warrants. We list each district and the court (or courts) in each one. Additionally, we list the county/counties that it represents.

Jail Information:

Learn more about the jails and detention facilities in Colorado, such as Adams County Detention Center, Arapahoe County Detention Center, and Jefferson County Detention Center.

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