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Adams County Jail and Detention Center Information

The Adams County Jail, or Adams County Detention Center, is located at 150 North 19th Avenue in Brighton, CO. Just travel a mile northwest of the main county courthouse. 

The experienced attorneys at our office provide 24 hour, immediate jail visits to the Adams County Jail. This is critical to your defense.  

Why a Jail Visit is Vital for Your Loved One’s Future

When your friend or family member has been arrested, they are cut off from communication with the outside world. Police investigators take advantage of this lack of communication and question your friend before they can have a jail meeting with a lawyer who will advise them to remain silent about their case. A criminal defense attorney is vital in your loved one’s case and often makes the difference between a guilty verdict and an acquittal or dismissal. During our Adams County jail conference with your friend or family member, we will help them understand they aren’t alone and give them advise in jail about how the justice system works. They will be equipped with the knowledge they need to remain silent until they can be bonded out of the Adams County jail. The Aurora Police Department will rush to question your loved ones in jail – don’t let them be alone. Contact an attorney at our office to meet them at the Adams County jail to protect their future.

Bail and Bonds:

The Adams County Jail allows bail/bonds to be posted as surety bonds, cash bonds and property bonds.

  • All bonds require an additional bond fee of $10.
  • There is a $40 booking fee following the arrest.
  • Occasionally, with court approval, a personal recognizance bond is permitted.

Note: There is a benefit to posting a cash bond; you will receive it all back in full at the end of the case, assuming the inmate obeys the conditions of bond, and appears in court. A surety bond, on the other hand, is like renting money for a fee  – you will receive back only a portion of what you posted.


If you wish to put funds into an account for an inmate, this can be done by:

  • Phone*
  • Online*
  • In-Person

*Note: There is a fee for processing your deposited funds when you do so over the phone or online. The only way to not be charged the fee is to deposit the money in person at the jail.

Mail Policy

  • Inmate mail cannot come from another jail or prison facility, and can cannot go to another jail or prison facility. 
  • Photos cannot be larger than a 5×7, and no more than 10 photos can be sent at a time.
  • Up to 10 pages of internet material (articles, jokes, puzzles, etc.) can be sent at a time.
  • You are allowed to send Bibles.
  • Local newspaper subscriptions are also allowed.


  • You can visit an inmate in person, or by the internet with a new program called iWebVisit.
  • All visits are $12 per visit.
  • All visits are recorded, and may be used to incriminate the inmate.

– In Person Visit

  • Registration is required if you come in person to the Adams County Jail.
  • 2 people are allowed per visit.
  • 20 minute time limit for in person visits.

Note: Do not speak about the inmates case. All visits are recorded, and could be used to prosecute your friend or loved one.

Work Release Sentences:

  • The Adams county jail allows for work release sentences if it is approved by the court. 
  • An application process must be completed in advance of your sentence.
  • Proof of employment is mandatory.
  • Make sure you complete all the requirements of the work release before the sentencing. Otherwise, you may end up sitting in jail while they verify your information.
  • The cost for work release is not significant.


These things (and many more), are considered contraband at the Adams County Jail. Under no cirmumstances should you bring any of these items into the facility.

  • Tobacco
  • Matches
  • Postage stamps
  • Writing paper
  • Envelopes
  • Blank greeting cards
  • Food
  • Candy
  • Lip gloss
  • Perfume
  • Nudity
  • An original driver’s license
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Magazines
  • Photocopies


Adams County Jail – Detention Facility
150 North 19th Avenue
Brighton, Colorado

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To schedule a lawyer visit with your family or friend in the Adams County Jail today, call our criminal defense attorneys at 303-830-0880.  Together, we can protect their future.