Sex Offender Therapy in Arapahoe County is Not Available With Indeterminate Sentencing

Prison officials are not happy with the process by which sex offenders are punished. Colorado has an Indeterminate Sentencing structure, by far one of the harshest penalties for crimes like Sexual Assault on Child (CRS 18-3-405), Incest (CRS 18-6-302), or Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child (CRS 18-3-405.4) in the country. Our Indeterminate Sentencing system is costing the state millions of extra dollars each year. People in Denver, Jefferson, and Douglas County are often held for much longer periods than necessary because of certain restrictions, lack of personnel, and inadequate treatment resources brought on because of Colorado's Indeterminate Sentencing system. Many prisoners are left waiting exorbitant amounts time before being able to receive treatment because of improper staffing. The ones who do receive treatment are getting it from people who are overworked, don't care, and are under qualified.

Sex Offender Therapy in Arapahoe County is Not Available With Indeterminate Sentencing

Overall, there are a lack of therapists working with convicted sex offenders who are serving an indeterminate sentence. But it doesn't stop there. The quality of therapy provided is not high enough to meet the standards imposed by the state. The statistics are shocking. Almost half of all prisoners from Arapahoe, Adams, or Broomfield County who are incarcerated in prisons under the Colorado Department of Corrections have passed their parole dates, but have no hope of being released because the wait to get into therapy is so long. Our law office has been aware of the terrible short-coming of the lifetime supervision act and the therapy which accompanies it. We will fight to ensure your case does not end up in a hopeless cycle of waiting.

Costly Delay of Treatment Keeps Prisons Full With Indeterminate Sentencing in Boulder County

Sex offenders find themselves sitting in prison waiting to receive the therapy required of them as a condition of their parole release. Law makers are now aware of many of the shortcoming associated with indeterminate sentencing, and see the tremendous expense building up because of the needless holding of all sex offenders. Sex offenders in Boulder find themselves in a terrible position of completing the appropriate amount of time served but being unable to be considered to parole because they are on waiting lists to receive required treatment which has been found to be inadequate.

Sexual Assault Lawyer in Denver

If Denver Police contact you or press charges against you of any misdemeanor or felony sex offense, such as Sexual Assault or Internet Luring, be smart: exercise your right to remain silent, and contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.