Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) – Questions and Answers

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The Sex Offender Management Board in Colorado

In Colorado, a person convicted of a sex crime is treated very differently than a person convicted of any other misdemeanor or felony crime. The lengths of sentences differ, and treatment programs are mandatory for sex offenders prior parole being offered. Dealing with the Sex Offender Management Board in Colorado (SOMB) is just one of the penalties a sex offender will face after a conviction.

What is the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB?)

This board makes up the rules of what you can and cannot do as a convicted sex offender. They tell you where you can go, who you may talk to, where you are allowed to work and live. The regulations put in place by this board govern every aspect of life. The board makes all the rules which probation officers and therapists use in the treatment and supervision of sex offenders.

Who and what make up this board?

At present, the Sex Offender Management Board in Colorado has members from the department of corrections, the judicial branch of government, police officers, private criminal defense lawyers, district attorneys, and mental health professionals, to name a few. It was formed to provide uniform tools for sexual offenders to be properly treated and evaluated.

What do they believe about sex offenders?

SOMB believes that sex offenders cannot be cured. Everything about a sex crime conviction is under the assumption that these individuals are “sick” and will never be able to get along with regular society unless they are monitored closely and carefully. The board sees the sex offender as a sexual deviant who has no self control and is constantly thinking about their next sexual offense and where and how it will happen. The Board is preoccupied with the political fallout if a sex offender might re-offend.

So, you are in this program. Now what?

Your probation officer runs everything. You may be seeing a trained therapist who is better acquainted with you and actually understands and listens for your side of the story; however they are not in charge of any aspects of treatment even though they may be much more informed of your situation. The probation officer makes the decision of whether the person is showing enough improvement, even if they have no idea what the primary condition was and how far they have actually progressed. The best way to get through the sex offender treatment is to keep the probation officer happy.

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