Facts About: Sex Offender Plea Agreements in Denver, Colorado

Facing sex crime charges in places like Denver, Jefferson, and Arapahoe County is stressful and traumatic. The person charged wants the matter dealt with as quickly as possible, as they may already be suffering from repercussions in their work and home life from the allegation alone. A plea bargain may seem like the best way for the accused to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. But people should always be aware of what it really means to plead guilty or no contest to a sex offense in Colorado.

What is a Plea Bargain in Adams County?

When someone is accused, even falsely, of a serious sex crime like Incest – CRS 18-6-302Enticement of a Child – CRS 18-3-305, or Sexual Assault – CRS 18-3-402 in Englewood or Aurora, they may be tempted to take the plea deal from the prosecution. A plea agreement is decided before a trial would begin and could be seen as the best option for the person to leave a sex offense behind as quickly as possible. The prosecution and defense would agree on a deal to offer the person who would plead guilty to a lesser crime. If they decided to take the plea deal, it would reduce prison time, allay the heavy financial cost of hiring an attorney for trial, diminish the stress to friends and family, and they would not take the risk that they might be found guilty if the case went to trial in Adams, Weld, or El Paso County.

Why Would I Take a Plea Bargain At All in Jefferson County?

Arvada, Littleton, and Highlands Ranch plea bargains can be good for everyone in the criminal justice system. Judges simply can't handle that many cases when they all go to trial. District Attorneys in Jefferson County don't have the staff to take every case they get to trial, either. And, plea bargains are good for defendants when they have evaluated their case and don't believe they would win at trial. Plea bargains are a good option when the defendant admits to doing wrong and wants to get the best possible outcome in their case. 

Common Plea Bargain Sentences in Arapahoe County

Plea bargain terms and conditions cover most every sentence in the criminal justice system. In some cases, when a person has been charged with a sexual offense, it can be difficult to figure out a non-sex plea, due to the requirements of statutory law. DAs are limited since most sex offenses cannot plead down to non-sex convictions. The involvement of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Arapahoe County is vital for an agreeable plea bargain, which often can include the following sentence provisions:

  • Length of Jail or Prison Time
  • Restitution Amounts
  • GPS and/or SCRAM Monitoring
  • Counseling and Treatment
  • Restraining and Protection Orders
  • Community Corrections Sentence

Why You Need a Douglas County Attorney When Plea Bargaining

When dealing with sex crime charges and a possible plea deal offered by the prosecution in Castle Rock, Parker, or anywhere in Douglas County, an experienced defense attorney can best explain your options, and weigh the pros and cons of taking a plea deal. Even though plea deals are the way the majority of criminal cases are settled in Colorado, it is very risky to plead guilty to any type of sex crime, as even a smaller charge could result in very harmful consequences. If you make a plea of guilty or no contest to a sex offense because of a plea bargain, you will be under the control of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), need to register as a sex offender, and may be subject to indeterminate sentencing involving cases of prison or parole.

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