Denver Domestic Violence Attorney | CRS 18-6-800.3

Domestic Violence in Denver and Jefferson County: What is Domestic Violence?

What is Domestic Violence in Denver, C.R.S. 18-6-800.3? In order to be charged with domestic violence in Douglas, Denver or Jefferson County, the government must establish that the crime:

1. Was committed between two people who have been intimate.

2. That some form of coercion, punishment, intimidation, revenge or control was present.

Domestic Violence gets even broader; it also includes acts or threatened acts of violence, and can involve people, property or animals.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Adams County: The Elements of Domestic Violence

In Adams County, it is important to understand that Domestic Violence is not its own crime – it is a “sentence enhancer” that is applied when another crime has taken place, such as:

As domestic violence attorneys in Adams County and across Colorado, we see crimes such as harassment or assault become domestic violence charges. It is not necessary for hitting or pushing to be involved, however.

Frustrated words and threats of revenge or violence are all that is needed. If the police rush in during an angry moment, you could be arrested for domestic violence. Domestic violence is an incredibly broad term; if you look closely enough you will see that “domestic violence” occurs daily in many households in the Denver area. Contact a trustworthy domestic violence attorney in Denver to fight on your behalf – you don't want to be subjected to the consequences of a conviction.

Douglas County Domestic Violence, Abuse and an “Intimate Relationship”

The definition of ‘intimate relationship' has become very broad, making it easily charged.

The term “intimate relationship” is also very broad in Douglas and Pitkin County. A Colorado court interpreted this in People vs. Disher, 224 P.3d 254 (Colo. 2010): “Evidence of a sexual relationship is not necessary to establish the existence of an intimate relationship…a sexual relationship may be an indicator, but never a necessary condition, of an intimate relationship.”

These parameters are very broad; a romantic interest in a person is all the court needs to establish that you were in an “intimate relationship.” As a result, a casual date that ends with threats of violence could finish with a Domestic Violence charge. One night stands and “hook-ups” become even more dangerous; a complete stranger could have control over where you live and which jobs you have in the blink of an eye. It is vital that you contact a domestic violence attorney in Denver to fight on your behalf.

DV Assault Lawyer in Arapahoe County: The Sentence for Domestic Violence in Colorado

Domestic Violence is a sentence-enhancer, which means there are harsher consequences.

If you are convicted of domestic violence in Arapahoe County, you may be unable to live a normal life. You won't be able to possess a firearm, and you won't be able to pass a security background check. An angry argument at home could impact your ability to go hunting with your friends, or get the job you've always wanted. Additionally, anyone who is convicted of or pleas to Domestic Violence in Littleton, Highlands Ranch or Aurora, will have to undergo a treatment program. The program is 36 long weeks of evaluations, classes and recommended treatment, for which you must pay. Your treatment will be overseen by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board, and your level of offense will not be taken into account. For instance, a man who is physically violent with his girlfriend will receive the same treatment as a man who yells threateningly at his wife. Having an experienced domestic violence attorney in Denver is extremely important for your future.

Denver Domestic Violence Attorney – Why Call Us?

The consequences for a conviction of or a plea to domestic violence are harsh in Denver. You will have a criminal record for the rest of your life. We are experienced domestic violence defense attorneys and have worked on many domestic violence cases. We encourage anyone who has been accused of domestic violence to:

Contact a Denver Domestic Violence Attorney Immediately

Contact a Denver domestic violence attorney immediately before speaking with police; saying nothing to law enforcement is much better than saying the wrong thing, which will hurt you later.

Preserve Your Relationship

Preserve the relationship between yourself and the alleged victim, which can help you during your domestic violence case in the courtroom in Colorado.

  • If you are married to or cohabit with the alleged victim, be aware that it is common for your spouse to request custody of your children, drain bank accounts, and obtain a no-contact order immediately. Contact an experienced Denver domestic violence attorney to fight with you in court.
If you contact an expert Denver domestic violence attorney quickly, you can reduce your losses. If you or someone you love has been charged with Domestic Violence in Denver, contact a Domestic Violence lawyer at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.