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Lawyer for Bail Bond in Denver: Posting Bond or Bail

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Mar 09, 2016 | 0 Comments

Learn more about posting bail bond in Colorado.

When a defendant posts bail or bond in Denver, Adams County or anywhere else in Colorado, they post money or property with a Colorado court. Colorado courts require a defendant to post bail or bond to make sure they appear at future court appearances. If they don't show up at a court appearance for a sexual offense, the court can keep the bond or bail they posted.

Bond and Bail Types in Douglas County, Colorado

In Castle Rock, Douglas County and across Colorado, there are various types of bail and bond that can be posted. They are as follows:

1.Personal Recognizance Bond

A personal recognizance bond in Parker, Colorado, is posted at a Douglas County Jail. No money is required, which makes this bond one of the most desirable bonds to post. Instead of posting money, a Colorado court will collect an IOU from the defendant, which they will pay if they don't go to their court appearance.

2.Cash Bond

In Douglas County and across Colorado, a cash bond is a bond a defendant can post if they put down real money. All of the cash will then be given back to the defendant after the sentence is completed.

3.Property bond

A property bond is used in Highlands Ranch, Colorado when real-estate property is posted instead of money. There must be equity in the property that is two times greater than the bond amount to be able to post a property bond. If a defendant doesn't show up in court, the property used as collateral could be foreclosed on.

4.Surety Bond

Across Colorado, a surety bond is when another person (a bondsman or bondswoman) posts the money for the defendant instead of the defendant having to post it. Because a bondsman or bondswoman will be posting the surety bond, there is a rental fee. The defendant is only required to give the bondsperson a percentage of the actual bond amount. Typically, the defendant pays 10% of bonds over $10,000 and 15% for bonds less than $10,000. This is one of the most common bonds used in Colorado.

How the Arapahoe County Bail Bond Amount Is Decided

In Glendale, Arapahoe County and across Colorado, the process of deciding a bail bond amount starts with a bond hearing, where a judge will set a bond amount and terms of the bond. In cases where a person is arrested during or after a crime is committed, a jail will rely on “scheduled bond” amounts. These are typically average bond amounts for individual criminal offenses and are decided by judges in a specific county.

Jefferson County Bail Bond Reduction Hearing

In Colorado, it's possible to ask a judge to lower the bail or bond amount.

In Golden, Jefferson County and across Colorado, a defendant is able to ask a judge to lower the bail or bond amount. This typically happens at a bail bond reduction hearing. A Jefferson County DA and a criminal defense lawyer will argue what the amount should be. Some of the factors that could influence what the amount could be include what a defendant's character and reputation are like, their prior criminal record (if any), the defendant's employment status and history, and their relationships with family members. There are many other factors which could influence the bail bond amount. You should always speak with a knowledgeable bail bond lawyer if you have questions about changing a bail or bond amount anywhere in Colorado.

Attorney for Bail Bond in Gilpin County: Call Today

If you have been arrested or are facing a bond reduction hearing in Gilpin County or in any other county of Colorado, consult our experienced criminal defense attorneys immediately. We offer same-day jail visits to many Colorado jails, including the Denver County Jail, Broomfield County Jail, Weld County Jail, and more. We can meet with you or your loved one at a county jail and talk through your case in more detail. Call our office today, and protect your future.

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