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Civil Assists in Denver Domestic Violence Cases

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jun 08, 2016 | 0 Comments

Learn more about civil assists in Domestic Violence cases in Colorado.

You may have been taken by surprise when you were accused or arrested for Domestic Violence after a heated argument. In many DV cases, this isn't an unlikely scenario and you aren't alone. Other men and women in Denver, Saguache County and across Colorado may also be caught off guard when police arrive at their homes to arrest them, forcing them to leave all of their belongings behind. Fortunately, the law allows you a one-time exception to your restraining order to gather your belongings after you are released from jail in a DV case. This occurs under the supervision of police, who must be present before you return home. This is known as a Domestic Violence Civil Assist. Let's continue reading about Civil Assists in Domestic Violence cases across Colorado.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Arapahoe County, Colorado: What Are Civil Assists?

In Arapahoe County, Adams County and every other area of Colorado, Civil Assists are procedures in a Domestic Violence case that allow you to gather your valuable belongings at your residence. You will typically be permitted to retrieve your most important belongings, such as clothes, medicine, money or electronics. However, you are only allowed to gather these possessions if police are there to assist you. You will only be allowed to take things which are clearly yours alone – nothing owned in common with your alleged victim. This procedure ensures you are not violating a protection or restraining order.

Alleged Victims in Douglas County DV Cases Have More Rights

When it comes to Civil Assists in Domestic Violence cases in Douglas County, Jefferson County and everywhere else in Colorado, police often listen to the alleged victims over you. For example, if you claim something is yours but the victim says it belongs to them, or it belongs to both of you, you won't be permitted to take the item. This seems to be an unreasonable response when in some cases, the property might actually belong to you, but the victim is bitter and resentful towards you, so they claim it is theirs. Imagine the frustration when an LED 55 inch TV you brought into the relationship can't be taken. You cannot afford to undergo the consequences of a Domestic Violence arrest on your own. Always consult a DV attorney right away if facing any accusations of Domestic Violence in Colorado. There are criminal law procedures which can get you into big trouble if violated.

Accused of Domestic Violence in Colorado? You Need an Experienced Lawyer to Fight for You

If you've been arrested or accused of Domestic Violence in Denver, Aurora, Littleton, or any other city of Colorado, don't wait before contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you with your case. You should never fight any accusations against you alone or with the help of an inexperienced public defender. Instead, call the best criminal defense attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office today to set up a free initial consultation, and protect your future.

If contacted by police regarding Domestic Violence charges anywhere in Colorado, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call the best criminal defense lawyers at 303-830-0880 or fill out the “Get Help Now” form on the side of this page. Together, we can protect your future.

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