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Denver Criminal Attorney for Charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Nov 29, 2018 | 0 Comments

Sexual Exploitation of a Child, CRS 18-6-403, is a serious crime in Denver and requires the help of a serious criminal lawyer. The crime is also known as possession of Child Pornography. If you are facing charges for having naked pictures of kids, you may be struggling with what to do next. You may feel like your whole world is collapsing. Although, I can't answer every question that you have in this blog, I will try to highlight a few issues.

What is Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Jefferson County, Colorado?

Possession of child pornography is a crime that simply involves having unclothed pictures of children. Criminal defense attorneys will also tell you that child porn may be charged for the distribution or creation of images and movies. Thus, if you store pictures of naked children on your laptop or computer, you would be in possession of those items. But, if you take the pictures or provide the pictures to another person, you could also be charged with a crime. In most cases, simple possession of kid pictures is a class 5 felony. However, creation and distribution of those images is a class 3 felony.

How do the Police in Arapahoe County, Colorado Find Child Porn on my Computer?

Most computer based images of known child pornography have titles to the images. When a cop is looking through your shared images, they will search for those titles. The people who have those known images on their computer will be charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Child. The police also might apply for a search warrant for your home. They will try to take hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and any other storage device that has child porn on it. If the cops arrive at your home with a warrant, call our criminal lawyers immediately. We can help.

How do I Beat Charges of Possession of Child Pornography in Adams County, Colorado?

Sometimes, people call us and wonder if they can fight their charges of possession of child pornography. A great criminal defense lawyer will tell you that there are some ways to beat the charges. For instance, let's say that you had pictures of your kids in the bathtub. The Adams County police are alleging that to be child porn. However, the Colorado Law requires that to qualify as child pornography, the images have to be sexual in nature. Our attorneys know how to distinguish family pictures and sexualized images.

So, if you have been charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Denver, Colorado, call O'Malley and Sawyer at 303-830-0880 to speak immediately with one of our attorneys. Together, we can protect your future.

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