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Denver Public Indecency Charges on Opposite Day

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jul 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

A man could be charged with Public Indecency for walking in public naked.
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When you think of Opposite Day, what do you think of? Eating breakfast for dinner? Students teaching a class, instead of teachers? Perhaps everyone has their own way of celebrating Opposite Day. For one man, his idea of celebrating was apparently walking down a city street without any clothes. When confronted by police, he claimed it was Opposite Day. No matter the occasion, if this man was spotted walking naked down a city street in Adams County or anywhere else in Colorado, he would face charges of Public Indecency.

Public Indecency in Jefferson County

Public Indecency, C.R.S 18-7-301, is charged in Jefferson, Douglas and Arapahoe County if someone, in a public place “where the conduct may reasonably be expected to be viewed by the public”:

  1. Performs an act of sexual intercourse;
  2. Lewdly exposes an intimate part of his or her body (not including genitals) with the intent to arouse or satisfy any person's sexual desire;
  3. Lewdly fondles or caresses another person's body, or exposes his or her genitals to the view of another person when it's likely to cause affront or alarm.

While this man was just trying to have fun, he could still face charges of Public Indecency if his genitals were exposed to the view of others. And, since walking down a street naked isn't a common experience, the man's actions likely caused alarm to others. Public Indecency is normally a class 1 petty offense, which is subject to six months in the Douglas County Jail. But, if someone is convicted of Public Indecency a second time, it's a class 1 misdemeanor and a sex conviction.

Colorado Public Indecency Statute Too Broad?

In the statute, the word “lewd” isn't defined, making the statute seem too broad. Yet it appears in the definition a couple of times, making it an important part of the statute. Because of its importance, in some cases it may be something an experienced criminal defense attorney could use in your defense. A sex crime lawyer would be able to properly evaluate your case and better figure out the intentions behind your actions.

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If you're facing Public Indecency charges in the Denver area, you need the insight and expertise of a sex crime lawyer. This is because our attorneys fight for a solid defense before every jury. Your future is worth protecting, so we want to ensure that your side of the story is accounted for and defended. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our exceptional criminal defense lawyers.

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