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Domestic Violence Can be Attached to Any Crime in Denver

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | May 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

If you're facing DV charges in Colorado, contact the attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office immediately.
Many people don't know this, but Domestic Violence – C.R.S. 18-6-800.3 (DV) isn't a crime in and of itself. You may have heard of people charged with Domestic Violence in Adams, Jefferson, and Douglas County. But, DV is simply a sentence-enhancer – an “add-on” label to any given crime. The purpose of this law is to create a harsher sentence for people who commit crimes against a person with whom they have been intimate. Why would you want to create harsher sentences for a certain group of people? These laws were put into effect as a result of pressure from special interest groups. Let's delve deeper into the details of DV, and how it creates an unnecessary burden on society.

Domestic Violence Label is Too Broad

DV is charged whenever a crime which involves some form of punishment, coercion, revenge, control, or intimidation is committed between two people who have been in an “intimate relationship.” It also includes acts of violence, and threatened acts of violence. The problem with DV lies in the vagueness of the definition. In a 2006 Supreme Court ruling, it was determined that no evidence of a sexual relationship had to be present in order to prove two people were in an “intimate relationship.” In theory, a man could be charged with Domestic Violence for a crime committed against a woman he once held hands with in high school years earlier. Broad definitions create room for innocent people to be punished.

Pleasing Special Interest Groups Isn't Justice

Justice isn't served when you create over-broad laws in order to please special interest groups in Arapahoe, Denver, and El Paso County. Who determines which groups have the right to dictate and control laws? When laws are vague, people soon learn to use the system to their advantage. Women learn that they can call the police alleging a Domestic Violence dispute, and the police will rush over. When the police are called regarding Domestic Violence, someone will be arrested. It is mandatory. So, a woman can call the police and get her partner arrested – simply by accusing him of a crime. This is despicable. When laws are created to assuage special interest groups, it creates an entirely new set of victims.

Are You Facing DV Charges? You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing DV Sexual Assault, or DV Unlawful Sexual Contact charges in Aurora, Littleton, or Englewood, don't hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you are convicted of Domestic Violence, you will be required to pay for and go through DV treatment overseen by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board, even if you are innocent of the charges. This treatment is expensive, time-consuming, and invasive. Also, in all DV cases, a restraining / protection order issued which takes away many of your rights – even your right to own a firearm. Don't play with fire and try to fight the DV charges on your own. Work with an attorney who specializes in Domestic Violence cases and can strategize for the best possible outcome in your case.

Request a Free Consultation

If your or a loved one is facing Domestic Violence – DV charges in the Denver metro area, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the O'Malley Law Office for a free consultation at 303-830-0880, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.

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