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Don’t Allow Denver, Aurora or Arvada Police Into Your Home

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Feb 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

You should never allow police into your home if suspected of a crime. Read more in our blog.
We are often asked by clients if they are required to let police into their homes. Our advice is this: Never allow the police inside your house. They are not there to help you: They are gathering evidence to charge you with a crime. Why would you give them the opportunity to find evidence of a crime? Here are some more specific reasons why you shouldn't let Denver, Lakewood, or Thornton police inside your home or apartment:

1. Plain Site Rule

Colorado law states that if Castle Rock, Lone Tree, or Littleton police are legally inside your home (after you let them in), anything in plain sight is fair game. If they see a gun, illegal plants or drugs, or anything which could be connected to a crime, they will seize the evidence and use it against you in court. You may say you don't have anything to hide: This is probably true. But, when the police enter your home, they are operating under a different mindset. If they see a messy, disorderly home and your kids have messy faces and clothing, they could decide to charge you. Once Social Services / Human Services are involved, situations grow difficult. When the police show up at your door – ask yourself the question: Do I want to give them the opportunity to see if I am breaking the law?

2. Protective Sweeps for Officer Safety

Many people think when the police enter their home in Adams, Arapahoe or Jefferson County, that the police will stay in the entryway. This isn't the case. Once they are in your home, Greenwood Village, Westminster and Edgewater police are legally allowed to do what is called a “protective sweep” of your home. This is for the “safety” of the officer. Your home is now open for them to search. Once you give the cops permission to enter your home or apartment, they will search every room of your home, under beds, behind furniture and in closets. You think they want to talk. Instead, they'll be searching.

3. Formality is a Good Thing

The police are wily. They know people don't talk to the authoritative man in the uniform. They know people let things slip when they're chatting with a friend at the dinner table. This is why they want to enter your home: They want you to put your guard down. If you don't let them in your home, they'll have a much more difficult time creating a false sense of security and “befriending” you in order for you to let something slip.

Remain In Control: Don't Let the Police Inside your Home

If the police show up at your door, remain in control of the situation, and don't allow them into your home or apartment. This can be difficult to do. I have seen circumstances where police began threatening the homeowner with criminal charges, or with taking away their children. I have seen officers refuse to leave. If you let the police inside your home, they will invite other officers in. Once you are outnumbered, the situation is instantly in their favor. If  you object to anything, they will apply force and you will be charged with Obstruction of a Police Officer. Don't give up control: Don't ever allow police into your home.

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If you are contacted by Castle Pines, Englewood, or Centennial police, don't let them into your home: Be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the O'Malley Law Office at 303-830-0880, or submit the “Get Help Now” form. Together, we can protect your future.

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