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Firefighter Charged with Internet Luring of a Child in Denver

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jul 05, 2013 | 0 Comments

Last week, a firefighter was charged with Internet Luring of a Child in Denver (CRS – 18-3-306). Police in Broomfield, Weld and Douglas County often pose as underage children on the internet in order to entrap unknowing men around the state. They lead men into sexually explicit conversations, offer an invitation to meet (for a sexual or non-sexual purpose), and then arrest whoever arrives for the meeting. Because they posed as an underage child, the man will then be charged with internet luring of a child in Denver.

This is what happened in the case of the Denver firefighter.  Allegedly, he participated in an online chat room where he met an undercover officer posing as a girl under 15 years old. He then started texting “the girl”, who arranged a meeting. Instead, he was arrested and is now facing serious sex charges.

What is Internet Luring of a Child?

Internet Luring of a Child in Denver occurs when a person knowingly:

  • Communicates with a computer or a phone with a person who they know to be under fifteen years of age, describes explicit sexual conduct, and in connection with that description, invites the child to meet for any purpose
  • The person who is communicating with the underage child must be older than the child by four years.

It is important to note that the man does not have to act on the invitation – even if the meeting never occurs, the police in Arapahoe, Adams and Jefferson County can get a warrant for his arrest for simply offering the invitation.

I Would Never Meet a Child for Sex – Why am I Being Charged with Internet Luring of a Child?

Many of our clients charged with internet luring of a child in Denver were not even aware that the person they were chatting with was under the age of 15, because they weren't paying attention when the officer made it clear. You need to be aware when participating in online chat rooms; not paying attention could result in serious consequences.

What is the Sentence for Internet Luring of a Child in Denver?

Internet luring of a child in Denver is a Class 5 felony, which carries a sentence of up to 3 years in prison. But, if committed with the intent to commit sexual exploitation or for sexual contact, it is a Class 4 felony; the sentence is 2 to 6 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Whether you are charged with a Class 4 or 5 felony, you will be a registered sex offender, and must go through Sex Offender Treatment. You may also face lifetime probation.

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