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Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child Attorney in Douglas County

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Feb 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

Committing a sex crime using a smartphone, tablet, or computer is all too common in today's digital world. Communicating via these devices is part of most citizen's everyday life. When conversations become sexually explicit, however, extreme consequences can be just around the corner. Furthermore, if a minor is on the other end of those suggestive interactions, your entire future is in jeopardy. Whether you're facing sex crime charges, been falsely accused, or believe charges might be on their way, it is vital that you get expert help. Contacting a skilled internet sexual exploitation of a child attorney is the best course of action when dealing with internet sex crimes.

What is Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Colorado?

Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child occurs in Highlands Ranch whenever an adult utilizes online media or the internet to encourage a child to participate in sexual behavior. Colorado law C.R.S. 18-3-405.4 defines the behaviors included in Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child. One key element is an actor knows or believes the person they're communicating electronically with is under 15 years of age and they themselves are 4 or more years older. Next, the actor knowingly persuades the child via a computer network, phone network, data network, text message, or instant message to:

  • expose or touch his / her intimate parts (or those of another) while communicating electronically
  • observe the actor's intimate parts via the above electronic means

It is important to note that a lot of what law enforcement needs to charge someone with internet sexual exploitation of a child involves an invite of some sort. An in-person meeting or actual exchange of explicit material is not required to formulate charges.

Sentencing for Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Colorado

The punishments for sex crimes involving children are severe and entirely life-altering in Colorado. Conviction of internet sexual exploitation of a child is a class 4 felony. Punishments can include:

Employment options also narrow with a sex crime conviction. You may lose your current job or have difficultly finding work altogether. It is especially imperative that defendants facing sex crime charges reach out to an experienced defense attorney.

Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child Attorney | Expert Defense

When it comes to criminal defense in sex crimes involving children, Sawyer Legal Group has unmatched experience and knowledge you need to form a strong defense. We have over 40 years combined experience working with law enforcement, district attorneys, and judges throughout Douglas County and all of Colorado. Whether you didn't know the person you were electronically communicating with was a child, you never enticed the child, or you made some poor choices, your rights, freedoms, and future are important. Help us help you by exercising your right to remain silent. Then call a skilled internet sexual exploitation of a child attorney.

If you or someone you know is facing child sex crime charges, be smart. Contact the expert criminal defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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