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Is Denver a ‘Sexually Violent’ City? A Defense Attorney’s Take

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | May 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Is Denver a sexually violent city? Read a criminal defense lawyer's take.
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Last year, a dating website published a list of the “24 Most Sexually Violent Cities in America.” Included in this list were 4 cities in Colorado; Pueblo, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Denver.  The dating website compiled their list by looking at the number of reported rapes in each city as listed in the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report (which was from 2013). Obviously, this is a flawed way to compile a list, because it doesn't take into account that many reported rapes are false accusations, and many are not related to dating. Let's take a look at what I mean.

Sexually Violent Cities in Colorado

According to the dating website, the following cities were ranked as “sexually violent,” based on the number of reported rapes.

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#12 on the List – Colorado Springs:
370 Reported Rapes in One Year

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#22 on the List – Pueblo:
165 Reported Rapes in One Year

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#16 on the List – Aurora:
224 Reported Rapes in One Year

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#5 on the List – Denver:
514 Reported Rapes in One Year

Errors in the List and the Response from the DA

After this article was published, both the Denver District Attorney's Office and the Pueblo District Attorney's office wrote scathing responses to the author. They outline exactly why this list is full of errors. We've created an overview of the errors as pointed out by both DAs:

  • 11 states were excluded from the so-called analysis.
  • Numerous counties from 13 states were not included.
  • The definition of rape used for the analysis is not used by certain states, which would then be excluded.
  • The FBI has a policy against ranking based on crime data alone – which is what the author did.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer's Response

As expert criminal defense lawyers in Jefferson, Adams, and Douglas County, we have our own experience to draw from in order to repute this article. The article based ranking on the number of reported instances of sexual assault. They don't take into account whether or not those reported rapes were real, or whether they were the result of false accusations. We defend many people who were falsely accused. Reporting a rape doesn't mean it actually happened. People make accusations all the time; it is up to a jury to determine whether or not a person is guilty.

The Media Twists Reality for Click Bait

Criminal defense lawyers and District Attorneys can see a headline like the one on the dating website, and see it for what it is – click bait. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't do the research necessary to see through these tactics. The Denver DA put it well when they told the author of this irresponsible article:

“Your analysis…and the resulting article does a great disservice to all of those in law enforcement as well as our community resource partners who work with victims of sexual assault on a daily basis. It appears it was nothing more than a publicity stunt by your dating website. And it unfortunately worked, as mainstream media neglected to do their due diligence and see for themselves that there was no real analysis or substance behind your catch headline.”

We completely agree. Not only does this type of media hurt real victims of sex assault, it creates an atmosphere where untruths are believed without question. Sadly, this mindset is carried into the courtroom. This is why it is important to work with the best criminal defense lawyer in Arapahoe, Denver, and Boulder County who will fight on your behalf in the courtroom and work hard to prove your innocence.

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