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Juvenile Sex Assault Allegations in Denver | Criminal Defense

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Nov 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

There are few allegations more damaging for your son or daughter than juvenile sex assault or rape. Teenagers in 2020 and beyond lead complicated lives. When romance and sex come into play, their judgement and decision making become particularly critical. Charges of juvenile sexual assault, juvenile sexual assault on a child, or posting a private image by a juvenile can result from a few missteps or poor choices. Additionally, some teens will falsely accuse their peers or change their mind about an encounter after the fact. With an adjudication and sex offender registration looming, contact a skilled juvenile sex crimes attorney today if your child is facing accusations in Denver, Arapahoe, or Jefferson County.

Juvenile Sexual Assault Law in Denver

Denver's juvenile sexual assault law prohibits sexual acts of intrusion or penetration without consent. Colorado's laws allow close-in-age juveniles to engage in sexual activity with one another, as long as consent is given. When it isn't, impactful criminal charges can follow for your son or daughter. CRS 18-3-402 defines acts of sexual assault in Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood. A juvenile commits this sex offense if they:

  • knowingly inflict sexual intrusion or penetration,
    • without the other person's consent,
    • against that person's will,
    • or if the other person is intoxicated, high, or physically helpless

Parties involving underage minors can result in legal trouble on many levels. Nonconsensual acts of vaginal, oral, or anal sex or fingering or penetration with a foreign object can lead to rape allegations. However, even when consent does occur, difference in age is an important factor. Teens can face charges of juvenile sexual assault on a child for any sexual contact (including groping or fondling) with another minor 4 or more years younger.

How Bad is Sexual Assault by a Juvenile in Colorado?

Each juvenile sex offense is different. Penalties in one case are often different than another. Sexual assault by a juvenile is a crime that can involve direct filing, which means the teenager may be tried as an adult. However, most juvenile cases are handled in juvenile court where your son or daughter faces an adjudication, rather than an adult conviction for a sex offense. Still, ramifications can include:

  • sex offender registration (not listed publicly or online),
  • strict supervision,
  • sex offender treatment,
  • and living restrictions in some cases

Juvenile defendants can encounter some of these ramifications even during the pretrial phase of their case. Limitations on who they can live with and detailed safety plans for their various activities away from home aren't uncommon for juvenile sex offenders.

Denver Juvenile Sex Crimes Lawyer

Our juvenile defense lawyers understand the magnitude of sex assault allegations against your child and are determined to protect their future. We have decades of combined experience successfully navigating these cases throughout Denver, Arapahoe, and Jefferson County. Perhaps your child is being falsely accused, made a curious mistake, or other factors in their life contributed to a poor choice. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation. We will carefully analyze your teenager's case, as well as suggest next steps in their defense. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make strategic representation a reality in uncertain times.

So, don't talk to the police about juvenile sex crime allegations – talk to us. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC 303-830-0880

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