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Juvenile Sexual Assault Attorney in Denver | What is Juvenile Sexual Assault?

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Feb 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

According to a news report, a 17-year-old teen was accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman he met on Facebook. After meeting on Facebook, the two began talking over the Snapchat app and later arranged to meet each other. When the 17-year-old met up with the 18-year-old victim, he allegedly forced her into an abandoned home. Once inside a bedroom of the abandoned home, he sexually assaulted her multiple times. Many of the victim's belongings were later found inside the abandoned home. The 17-year-old was later charged with Kidnapping and Sexual Assault. If your child has been charged or accused of Sexual Assault in Colorado, consult a juvenile Sexual Assault attorney immediately.

Lawyer for Juvenile Sexual Assault in Adams County | Definition of Sexual Assault

If sexual intrusion or sexual penetration was involved in the sexual encounter with the 18-year-old, the 17-year-old could be charged with juvenile Sexual Assault, C.R.S. 18-3-402. In Brighton, Adams County and across Colorado, juvenile Sexual Assault can be charged in the same ways that Sexual Assault can be charged when committed by an adult. One way juvenile Sexual Assault is charged is when an actor inflicts sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on a victim and “causes submission of the victim by means of sufficient consequence reasonably calculated to cause submission against the victim's will.” An Adams County prosecutor might argue the 17-year-old caused the victim to submit to the sexual assault by forcing her into the abandoned home.

How Juvenile Sexual Assault is Sentenced in Douglas County

In most juvenile cases, juveniles will be adjudicated rather than convicted.

In most juvenile criminal cases in Douglas and Arapahoe County, Colorado, juveniles will be adjudicated rather than convicted. Juveniles will have to appear before a juvenile judge or magistrate in juvenile court. However, if a juvenile has committed juvenile Sexual Assault, he / she can be tried as an adult in Highlands Ranch and across Colorado. This is known as Direct Filing.

Attorney for Sexual Assault by a Juvenile – A Juvenile Sexual Assault Attorney Can Help with Record Expungement

If your child or juvenile has been charged or accused of Sexual Assault in Denver, Jefferson County or anywhere else in Colorado, a juvenile Sexual Assault attorney may be able to help your child expunge his or her record. Expunging a juvenile criminal record includes police, court and jail records. Upon a juvenile record expungement, your child can live in freedom and have a fresh start. They no longer have to worry about struggling to find or keep a job. Contact a juvenile record expungement lawyer today to discuss whether your child's record can be expunged.

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