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Juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact and Sexual Assault on a Child | Denver and Jefferson County Colorado

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Mar 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

Learn more about juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver, Douglas County and across Colorado.

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In Denver and Jefferson County, Colorado, when a juvenile is charged with a crime, such as juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact, Sexual Assault on a Child or Public Indecency, or another criminal offense, they can face lasting consequences. Crimes which are charged against adults can also be charged against juveniles in Colorado. Always consult an experienced Denver and Jefferson County juvenile criminal lawyer from the O'Malley Law Office if your child is facing criminal charges of a sexual nature.

Juvenile Sexual Assault, Indecent Exposure, Incest in Douglas County – There Are Lasting Consequences

In Douglas County, juveniles can face the same criminal charges as an adult. If a child is convicted of a felony sexual offense (or other criminal offense), they may still face the same consequences as an adult would. One of these consequences could include the inability to ever buy or own a firearm or gun. Many men and women who were convicted when they were a juvenile often wonder if they can purchase or own a firearm once they're older.  In other cases, they may not be able to pass a background check.  Next, they may not qualify for housing.  In the worse circumstances, they may have to register as a sex offender for many years. Because of the many restrictions involved upon a juvenile criminal offenses involving sex in Colorado, it is always best to consult a juvenile criminal defense lawyer.

Juvenile Record Expungement in Adams County: What is Record Expungement / Sealing?

Fortunately, juvenile record expungement is possible under certain circumstances in Adams County. Juvenile record expungement means a juvenile criminal record will be closed to the public and sealed. Some of the circumstances where a juvenile may be able to expunge their record include if they were found not guilty at an adjudicatory trial, or after the dismissal of a petition or charges against them. Additional circumstances for expunging a juvenile record include if a juvenile has successfully completed a diversion program, a deferred adjudication sentence or an informal adjustment program. However, there are also situations where a juvenile criminal case can never be expunged, so you should always consult an experienced juvenile criminal lawyer for more information on record sealing and expungement.

Juvenile Criminal Lawyer in Arapahoe County: Call if Your Child is Facing Criminal Charges

Juvenile sexual offenses (and other criminal offenses) such as juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact or Sexual Assault on a Child in Arapahoe County can come with serious consequences upon a conviction. The impact of a criminal record can severely hinder your child forever. Prosecutors often tell parents they are looking out for the best interest of your child, but that is not always the case. It is always best to entrust your child's future to an experienced juvenile criminal lawyer from the O'Malley Law Office, who will fight to protect your child. We fight for the best possible outcome in your child or teen's case.

If your child is facing criminal charges, such as juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact or Sexual Assault on a Child in Colorado, be smart and exercise your child's right to remain silent. Then, contact the best juvenile defense attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your child's future.

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