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Kids Who are Registered Sex Offenders? Culture Doesn’t Support Laws

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Dec 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

Too many kids are becoming registered sex offenders in Colorado. Read more in our blog.
Something is wrong with our culture. Our children are inundated on a daily basis with violence and sex. The entertainment industry has pushed the boundaries in the last few years in regard to sex and violence, so children are growing up much faster. At the same time, our laws in Denver, Jefferson and Douglas County in regard to sex offenses are far stricter than in past years. This creates a culture which punishes children for the very acts they are taught are acceptable. Something needs to change.

Sex is the Focus of Entertainment Industry

In a study by the Kaiser Foundation in 2009, it was reported that the average amount of media a child from the age of 8 – 18 consumes daily is 6 hours and 21 minutes. This doesn't take into account multi-tasking (such as surfing the web while watching TV), or the fact that this study was done four years ago. The entertainment industry has pushed the boundaries of what is appropriate for children to the very edge. Our culture is overtly sexual, and is becoming increasingly more so. Children are exposed to massive amounts of entertainment, which is growing ever-more sexually explicit. Each year in the entertainment and music industries, sexual boundaries are pushed and expanded (for example, take Miley Cyrus' famous performance at the VMA awards earlier this year). Our culture is slowly changing. Now, more than ever, sex is more important than anything else in life. At the same time, lawmakers are cracking down on sex offenders. There are many more registered teenage sex offenders in Larimer, Arapahoe and Adams County schools than ever before. A recent news report stated that in Colorado, there are over 300 children under the age of 17, who are teenager registered sex offenders. Included in this list are five 12-year-olds.

With a Sexualized Culture, Sex Offenses More Common

Our laws simply don't align with our culture. Just last week, a 6 year-old-boy from Canon City was suspended from school for “sexual harassment” after kissing a little girls' cheek in school. 12 year-olds should not be registered as sex offenders. A child with a sex offense in their past can have a difficult time in life. They could have a hard time finding a job or housing. Colorado lawmakers need to adjust laws to fit the crime. Children are being charged with sex offenses younger and younger. Our courts are punishing them for the very behavior they are taught to emulate day after day.

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