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Sexual Assault on a Child Denver Attorney: Police Tactics in Adams County Sexual Assault on a Child Cases

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jun 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

There are many police tactics used when investigating a Sex Assault on a Child case like pretext phone calls, but don't be fooled. These tactics can really hurt you.
In Sexual Assault on a Child cases in Denver, Adams County and across Colorado, there are many tactics which police use as a way to collect evidence against you. It is imperative you consult expert legal help upon facing any allegations or criminal charges of Sexual Assault on a Child. Your life is at stake.

Sexual Assault on a Child in Arapahoe and Douglas County: Pretext Calls in Sexual Assault on a Child Cases

In Arapahoe County and Douglas County Sexual Assault on a Child cases, police use pretext calls to try to get you to admit to something they didn't do. In pretext calls, police utilize a person who has accused you of sexually assaulting them. When this person calls you, the police are listening in and recording your conversation with them. Remember, you have a constitutional right to remain silent when police call digging for evidence. However, when someone calls that you know, you are less likely to think twice about the information you share with them. As you can imagine, these pretext calls are dangerous, because anything you say to an alleged victim regarding a Sexual Assault on a Child allegation can be used against you in court. Always use caution if receiving a call from an alleged “victim” in a case.

Jefferson County Sexual Assault on a Child Cases: Police Calls – Other Police Tactics

Other police tactics used in Sexual Assault on a Child cases in Jefferson County is where police call or stop by and act friendly with you. They will try to make it seem like they are on your side. Don't fall for this police tactic. They are still looking for evidence to collect against you for court. When speaking with police, use your right to remain silent and let them know you would like to speak to your attorney first. There is nothing good that can come out of sharing information with the police when you've been accused of Sexual Assault on a Child. They are not looking for the truth.

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Charges of Sexual Assault on a Child in Denver, Aurora, and Castle Rock can be disastrous for you, your family and your future. The best thing to do when facing Sexual Assault on a Child charges is to remain silent, and contact a criminal defense lawyer at the O'Malley Law Office who specializes in sexual offenses. Call our office today at 303-830-0880 to set up a free initial consultation. Together, we can protect your future.

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