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Douglas County Sexting Posting of a Private Image by a Juvenile Attorney | Preteens Arrested for Sharing Sexual Pictures of Underaged Girl

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Teens are facing Posting a Private Image by a Juvenile charges after sharing sexually explicit photos and a video of a classmate. Read more about this story here.
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A new law was recently put in effect regarding teens and sexting or sharing naked photos of someone underaged. Some middle school students are facing charges related to sharing sexually explicit images provided by a classmate. According to the report, a preeteen girl sent a classmate explicit photos and a video of her performing sexual acts on herself. The boy proceeded to share it with other 7th grade students. Both the sharer and the other student who received the images and video were charged with Posting a Private Image by a Juvenile.  

Denver Posting a Private Image by a Juvenile Lawyer: Definition of Juvenile Posting a Private Image 

The Denver, Douglas, and Arapahoe County, Colorado law definition of Posting a Private Image by a Juvenile – C.R.S. 18-7-109 – is: 

A juvenile commits the offense of posting a private image by a juvenile if he or she, through digital or electronic means:  

(a) Knowingly distributes, displays, or publishes to the view of another person a sexually explicit image of a person other than himself or herself who is at least fourteen years of age or is less than four years younger than the juvenile: 

(I) Without the depicted person's permission; or 

(II) When the recipient did not solicit or request to be supplied with the image and suffered emotional distress; or 

(III) When the juvenile knew or should have known that the depicted person had a reasonable expectation that the image would remain private

The age restrictions are important when considering this crime. The explicit photo must be of a person 14 years old or older, or the person sharing the photos must be the same age or less than 4 years older.  

Sentence for Posting a Private Image by a Juvenile in Jefferson and Adams County 

Posting a Private Image by a Juvenile is a class 2 misdemeanor in Adams and Jefferson County. In the statute, DA's are encouraged to develop a diversion program for juveniles who are charged with this crime to complete. An offer to diversion means the case will be dismissed and no criminal record will exist.  

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