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Colorado Registered Sex Offender Volunteers at School

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Feb 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

A Colorado woman convicted of a sexual assault crime over fifteen years ago is still dealing with the consequences from her conviction. This is common in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas County. The woman had a sexual encounter with a teenage boy when she was in her twenties and was charged and convicted of felony sexual assault on a child (CRS 18-3-402). When a Denver media outlet heard that the woman, a registered sex offender, was volunteering at the school her daughter attends they investigated, even though the woman did nothing wrong in volunteering. When parents found out they were outraged, even though they had no idea who the woman was or what she was convicted of.

The felony sexual assault committed in this woman's past is still hurting her, and causing uproar in the city she lives and the school her daughter goes to. This woman was under no obligation to let school officials know of her conviction, in no longer on probation, has followed all rules requiring her registration as a sex offender, and is even applying for de-registration. Yet, when people hear the term “sex offender” they immediately jump to conclusions, out of misplaced fear.

This woman has conducted herself the way the law in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas County has required her to, yet she is still facing backlash from society for a crime that occurred years ago and may not be able to volunteer for her daughter again.  Society doesn't care about the sex crime or that protocol has been followed and treatment finished. They simply hear “sex offender” and assume, like everyone else, that this person is dangerous.

Don't limit your potential because a sex crime like felony sexual assault, internet sexual exploitation of a child also known as possession of child pornography (CRS 18-3-405.4), or unlawful sexual contact (CRS 18-3-404) is on your record. Don't even take the chance. Even if you are falsely accused, the mere accusation is enough to cause significant damage to your reputation and personal life. If you are facing sex crime charges, exercise your right to remain silent and call the experienced criminal defense attorneys at O'Malley Law Office at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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