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Rumors about New Talking Angela App Target Sex Offenders

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | May 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

There are rumors surrounding an app called Talking Angela. Learn more in our blog.
A new app is popular among children in Denver, Adams, and Douglas County. It is called “Talking Angela,” and features a cartoon cat that responds to interaction. Kids download the app and interact with the feline – including petting her, and buying her presents of food or clothing. This harmless app has grown popular due to a hoax: Many people believe that sex offenders are hacking into the game and talking with children in order to get personal information. These rumors are completely untrue. But, hoaxes like this create panic when it comes to people who have been charged with Internet sex offenses such as Internet Luring of a Child. Let's look closer at this app to learn more:

The “Dangers” of the Talking Angela App

The app has a “child mode” and an “adult mode.” The adult mode allows Angela to start a conversation with the user about topics ranging from fashion to movies. The reaction to this app is startling. People started saying sex offenders were using the app to gather information from children. Rumors began spreading that the app was telling kids to do inappropriate things. Parents are still worried the app is a “front for child predators.” There is no way the app can be hacked. But, why would rumors like this surface?

Hoax = Good Business

Once the rumors about the app began spreading, it rose up to the number three download in the iTunes app store. Instead of staying away from the app, people began downloading it – supposedly to see for themselves whether the rumors were true. Our culture in Arapahoe, El Paso, and Jefferson County and across Colorado is obsessed with sensationalism. News that an app might be dangerous only spikes curiosity.

Hoaxes Create Panic and End Up Hurting People

Hoaxes like the one surrounding the Talking Angela app are hurtful to two groups of people. First, they harm true victims of crimes such as Internet Luring of a Child. If everyone is panicked about a hoax, truly dangerous sites go unnoticed by parents and children. Second, they create panic concerning sex offenders. People hear the term “sex offender” and they automatically think “child predator.” This is not necessarily true. Allowing rumors to spread creates a mindset that treats all sex offenders as outcasts. This doesn't allow them to reintegrate back into society. When people are despised, they have nowhere to turn.

A Common Sense Approach to the Talking Angela App

When you hear rumors about apps or websites, don't simply believe what you hear. Do a little research, and then talk to your kids about real dangers – not “dangers” created in order to get higher ratings.  And, if the app scares you or your kids, simply delete it from your devices. Don't buy in to the sensationalism of our culture. Teach your kids not to believe everything they hear from their friends.

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