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Sex Offender Easter Bunny: Why Not all Denver Sex Offenders are Alike

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Apr 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

A registered sex offender was working at the mall.
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Last week, it was all over the news – a registered sex offender was working as the Easter Bunny at a local mall. Horrified parents contacted authorities, and the young man lost his job just three days after he began. Now, before we jump on the bandwagon and get all up in arms about this “injustice,” let's take a closer look at the situation. As an expert criminal defense attorney with 20 years of experience in Denver, Arapahoe, and Jefferson County courtrooms, I can say with confidence that not all sex offenders should be treated alike.

Easter Bunny Sex Offender: What Was He Convicted Of?

According to the news, “parents are demanding answers” after finding out that the Easter Bunny at their local mall is really a registered sex offender. The young man was fired. But, instead of simply keeping quiet, he has decided to speak up for himself and demand answers. He spoke to the local media.

I can understand, you know, where they're coming from, about them being upset. But what a lot of people need to realize is, you know, I wasn't put into jail for touching little kids.”

So many people hear the words “sex offender” and they instantly think the person is a pedophile. Nothing could be further form the truth – especially in Arapahoe, El Paso, and Douglas County and throughout Colorado. That's because the definition of a sex offense is extremely broad. Did you know that a man can be a registered sex offender after touching the clothed butt of a woman he danced with in a bar? Or, that a second conviction of Public Indecency – which can be charged after urinating in public or mooning people – can result in sex offender registration? The young man who was fired as the Easter Bunny continues on to say what he was convicted of which resulted in his registration as a sex offender:

My case – it involved around having consensual sex when I was a teenager myself, with another teenager.”

Unfortunately, this kind of scenario is becoming more common in today's culture. Studies have shown that almost 47% of high school students have had sex, and that was in 2013. Our culture's mindset has only gotten more liberal. We have written many times about people who were convicted of Sexual Assault on a Child after a mutual relationship. The Romeo and Juliet law covers many of these consensual relationships, but not all. The young man working as the Easter Bunny likely was charged with the equivalent of Sexual Assault on a Child – which sounds like a horrible crime, but when you consider he was barely an adult, and the “child” was consenting – it is much less disturbing.

Sex Offender's Rights are Violated

Sex offenders are treated as outcasts – how can we expect them to reintegrate back into society?

Sex offenders have little hope of reintegrating back into culture considering people's mindset today. In fact, sex offender registration itself isn't proven to reduce the recidivism rate. Sex offenders are outcasts, and their rights are violated often. How can a person expect to reintegrate back into society if they are unable to get a job? The young man who was hired as the Easter Bunny said no questions were asked about his past, so he didn't share. We don't blame him. It is next to impossible to get a job as a registered sex offender. While a job working so closely with children isn't the wisest choice for this young man, we understand his tough situation and how difficult it can be to find a job as a sex offender.

Why You Need a Lawyer for a Sex Offense Charge

Contact an expert sex crimes defense attorney who will fight to protect your future.

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