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Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation in Colorado – Terms and Conditions

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Oct 02, 2018 | 0 Comments

In Colorado, Sex Offenders have the strictest terms and conditions for their probation in contrast to other criminal offenses such as Theft or Trespassing. The Sex Offender Management Board does not believe sex offenders can be “cured” and that if given the chance, they will commit another misdemeanor of felony sexual offense. Not wanting to look bad if someone re-offends, they make the treatment process difficult to complete, their rules for Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation are unreasonably strict, and sometimes require lifetime sex offender registration. While each offender may have individual restrictions / allowances based on their crime or behavior while on probation, the following terms and conditions usually apply to all sex offenders on probation.

No Contact With Children While On Sex Offender Probation in Jefferson County

If you are on probation after a sex offense in Jefferson County, you will most likely not be allowed contact with a child (anyone under 18), even your own, unless ordered by the court. ‘Contact' includes “correspondence, written or verbal, telephone contact, or any communication through a third party” (Colorado Judicial Branch). This means having to stay clear of any schools, parks, pools, or any other place used primarily by minors. You will have to find a new place to live if there are children under 18 living there. If your job involves contact with those under 18, you will have to find a new job unless the court permits you to continue working there. If you accidentally have contact with a child, you have to “immediately remove yourself from the situation” and must “discuss the contact at your next treatment session and probation appointment.”

Sex Offender Registration and Genetic Marker Testing in Arapahoe County

In Arapahoe County, you must register with your local law enforcement agency as a sex offender, and continue mandatory registration annually (though some offenses require quarterly registration). You must continue to register, even once you have completed the time required, until you file a petition to Discontinue Registration as a Sex Offender and the petition is granted by a judge. You must also consent to and pay for Genetic Marker Testing, giving blood to a DNA database.

Douglas County Conditions for Sex Offenders

Other conditions for sex offenders in Douglas County are:

  • Participation in Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment Program
  • Requirement to pay for all evaluations and treatment
  • No purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol or mind / consciousness altering substance
  • Signing and complying with the conditions of the “Computer Use Agreement”
  • Drug testing
  • Pay for psychological or physiological programs, assessments, and monitoring if required
  • Curfew

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