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Sexual Assault on a Child in Fort Collins | CRS 18-3-405

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Sexual assault on a child (SAOC) in Fort Collins, Colorado is a criminal charge that stems from accusations of fondling a juvenile under the age of 15. When the other person is 4 or more years older than a minor 14 or younger, touching intimate parts is unlawful whether consent occurred or not. While there are laws that protect consensual sexual contact between juveniles and their peers, when certain age differences apply both adults and juveniles can face SAOC allegations. If you've been contacted by police about child sex abuse in Larimer, Weld, or Boulder County, exercise your right to remain silent and contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer immediately.

What Leads to Sex Assault on a Child Charges?

Colorado's sex crime laws prohibit any sexual contact between a child under 15 and someone 4 or more years older. CRS 18-3-405 defines the specific elements of SAOC throughout Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Loveland, and Longmont. Charges can follow if law enforcement believes you:

  • knowingly subjected someone less than 15 years of age (not your spouse),
  • to any sexual contact,
  • AND were 4 or more years older at the time of the contact

This applies to you touching the child's intimate parts (genitals, genital area, butt, or female's breast) or the child touching yours. Even groping or fondling clothed intimate parts is considered sexually assaulting a child in Colorado.

How Serious is Sexual Assault on a Child in Fort Collins?

Each SAOC case is different. Consequences won't always look the same and may be subject to indeterminate sentencing. This particular sex offense is at minimum a class 4 felony, possibly resulting in:

However, if the contact occurred on multiple occasions (pattern of abuse) or the defendant is accused of using threats or force, a class 3 felony applies. This can double the prison sentence and escalate the fine amounts. Additionally, when sex assault on a child includes a pattern of abuse, there is no statute of limitations. Charges can come about years or even decades later.

Defense Lawyer for Sexual Assault on a Child in Fort Collins

Child sex assault allegations sometimes come down to their word against yours. It is imperative that defendants have a skilled criminal defense attorney fighting to protect their future. Perhaps the sexual touching never occurred, didn't involve intimate parts, or wasn't for the purpose of sexual gratification. Nevertheless, contact our office today for a free, confidential consultation. A strategic sex crimes attorney will carefully evaluate your unique situation, as well as suggest next steps in your defense. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for those facing sex offense accusations throughout Larimer, Weld, Denver, and Boulder County.

Talk to us about child sex crime allegations – not law enforcement. 303-830-0880

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