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SOMB Sex Offender Evaluation for Denver and Colorado Sex Crimes

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Aug 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

If you have been convicted of a sexual offense in Denver, Arapahoe, or Jefferson County, you will be required to complete a Sex Offender Management Board sex offender evaluation and sex offender treatment. The SOMB sex offense evaluation is harsh, and the therapists and counselors who complete the evaluation all believe sex offenders cannot be cured. Let's look at what happens during an evaluation.

Sex Offender Evaluation: Standard Content

The SOMB has rules regarding what is in their report. This standardized content includes the following:

Learn more about sex offender evaluation in Colorado.
  • Sexual Profile and Test Results
  • Family and Relationship History
  • Risk Assessment
  • Description of the Present Crime and Review of Police Reports
  • Recommended Treatment
  • Alcohol and Drug Profiles (the results of extensive testing)
  • Clinical Interviews
  • Specific and General Recommendations
  • Evaluator's Initial Impression of the Offender
  • Psychological Profile and Test Results
  • Offender Information (employment, mental health, medications, hobbies, religion, criminal history)
  • Physiological Assessment and Testing
  • Evaluation Summary
[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”90%”]A defendant must cooperate fully with all the SOMB mandates.[/pullquote]

Sex Offender Evaluation: The Cost and Mandatory Participation

Sex Offender evaluations completed by the SOMB are expensive in Douglas, El Paso, or Adams County. Defendants are required to pay out their own pockets, or face going to the Department of Corrections. The cost can range from $1,250.00 and up. The SOMB makes all decisions – a defendant must cooperate fully with everything the SOMB mandates in the offense specific evaluation, or face the threat of going to prison.

The Purpose of the Sex Offender Evaluation

There are many reasons sex offender evaluations are required in Colorado courts.

  • District Attorneys: DA's use the evaluation results to determine what plea bargain they will offer to a defendant. They need something objective from an expert to support their decision.
  • Probation Department: The probation department uses the evaluation results to create their presentence investigation report (PSIR). This report makes sentencing recommendations to the court. Again, an objective expert opinion is important to support their report and its recommendations.
  • Judges: Judges use the evaluation tests results to help them in their decision regarding the correct probation, DOC, jail, or community corrections sentence. As above, an expert's input is important to avoid future criticism of the judge.

In my opinion, all the people in this list use the opinion of the SOMB expert to cover their own tracks in case the defendant reoffends. They can point their finger and say: “The expert suggested this sentence.” Regardless of my opinions about the sex offender evaluation, it plays an important role in sentencing.

Why You Need an Attorney: Improving Sex Offender Evaluation Results

The SOMB sex offender evaluation is extremely important at sentencing. The judge, DA, and probation department all use it in deciding what your sentence should be. It is important to have the best test results possible. You can accomplish this by working with an excellent attorney who understands the testing process. The criminal defense lawyers at our office have an in-depth program which helps to increase your evaluation scores. We have helped many of our clients get more favorable results in certain categories, such as recommendations to community corrections, risk assessment, and probation supervision. Don't go into your sex offender evaluation blindly without someone by your side to help you get the best possible outcome.

Request a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one is required to complete a sex offender evaluation, contact one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys to walk through the process first. Contact us for a free consultation at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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