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Arapahoe County and Denver Unlawful Sexual Contact: Man Grabs Females From Behind

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Apr 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

You need a Denver Unlawful Sexual Contact lawyer if facing charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact.

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According to the news, a man is accused of subjecting women to sexual contact on separate occasions. Apparently, one 19-year-old college student reported to police that she was grabbed on the shoulder and buttocks as she was walking. Later, a 20-year-old college student also reported she was grabbed on the buttocks by the same man. In Denver, Arapahoe County and across Colorado, the man would likely face charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact, C.R.S. 18-3-404.

Unlawful Sexual Contact in Douglas and Adams County: What's Considered “Unlawful Sexual Contact”?

When a person subjects another to sexual contact without authorization (either as a result of a victim not consenting or being unable to consent because of their mental state, alcohol intoxication or physical helplessness), Unlawful Sexual Contact charges are often filed. The  man from the news story could face Douglas County, Adams County, Denver Unlawful Sexual Contact charges because he meets a portion of the definition of “sexual contact”:

“The knowing touching of the victim's intimate parts by the actor, or of the actor's intimate parts by the victim, or the knowing touching of the clothing covering the immediate area of the victim's or actor's intimate parts if that sexual contact is for the purposes of sexual arousal, gratification or abuse.”

Within the definition of “intimate parts” in Douglas and Adams County, a person's buttocks is included. For grabbing the buttocks of the women without their consent, the man could face charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact. Our lawyers see Unlawful Sexual Contact charges filed under similar circumstances where a man grabs a woman's backside while intoxicated, at a bar or while out dancing. Note that a person can also be charged with Unlawful Sexual Contact if they unlawfully touch any person's external genitalia, perineum, the anus, pubes or breast. As a class 1 misdemeanor extraordinary risk crime or class 4 felony, Unlawful Sexual Contact charges can dramatically impact the future of the accused. If you are facing Unlawful Sexual Contact charges, contact the best criminal defense lawyers from the O'Malley Law Office today.

If facing Unlawful Sexual Contact charges, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call a Denver Unlawful Sexual Contact lawyer at the O'Malley Law Office at 303-830-0880 or fill out the “Get Help Now” form on the side of this page. Together, we can protect your future.

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