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Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver and Douglas County | Sexual Assault Lawyers Defending Unlawful Sexual Contact Charges

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In Denver and Douglas County, Unlawful Sexual Contact, C.R.S. 18-3-404, charges occur under many different circumstances. A person can face charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact after subjecting a victim to sexual contact and the victim hasn't consented, after the victim cannot appraise the nature of their own conduct, or when the victim is physically helpless and the actor knows the victim is physically helpless and doesn't consent. In other cases, Unlawful Sexual Contact charges can be filed when the actor impairs the victim's power to appraise or control their own conduct by giving the victim any drug, intoxicant or other means to cause submission without the victim's consent. Additionally, a person who subjects a victim in custody of law or detained in a hospital or other institution to sexual contact when that person is in authority over the victim, can face charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact. Finally, a person who engages in treatment or examination of a victim for purposes other than bona fide medial purposes, or who causes a child to engage in sexual acts, can face charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact.

Unlawful Sexual Contact in Arapahoe County | Sexual Assault vs. Unlawful Sexual Contact Charges

Arapahoe County defense attorneys agree, sometimes police can arrest someone for Sexual Assault instead of Unlawful Sexual Contact because some of the elements of Sexual Assault are similar. In cases where a person is accused of sexual conduct and is not polite when police try and discuss the accusations, officers will charge the case harshly.   Take the example of a college student who goes to a friend's house for a house party. There, he begins drinking and socializing with different girls. Towards the end of the night, one of the girls he was talking with claimed he began touching her intimate parts without her consent and calls police. The man begins arguing with police and getting aggressive with them because he is drunk and frustrated about the girl's false allegations. Instead of handling the disturbance, police may make an arrest for Sexual Assault. Once in court, the District Attorney will try to get the defendant to plead guilty to lesser charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact, knowing the Sexual Assault allegations cannot be proven. Charging too high, and seeking a lesser plea, is a common District Attorney strategy.

Unlawful Sexual Contact Attorney in Jefferson and Adams County | Unlawful Sexual Contact is an Extraordinary Risk Crime

Unlawful Sexual Contact may seem like a minor sexual offense in Jefferson and Adams County, but it can come with serious consequences upon a conviction. Unlawful Sexual Contact is a class 1 misdemeanor or a class 4 felony. In addition, it is also an extraordinary risk crime, meaning it is classified as a crime which poses an extra risk of harm to society. For this reason, the possible sentence lengths are extended for both the class 1 misdemeanor and class 4 felony sentencing ranges. Unlawful Sexual Contact also requires lengthy sex offender registration and treatment upon a conviction.

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