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What is Denver Indeterminate Prison Sentencing for Sex Crimes?

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Sep 02, 2015 | 0 Comments

What is indeterminate prison sentencing for sex crimes in Colorado?
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Indeterminate prison sentencing in Denver and Douglas County means sexual offense sentences will have a minimum prison time limit and no maximum prison time limit. For example, someone may receive a prison sentence of 10 years to life, where 10 years is the minimum prison sentence. Indeterminate prison sentencing is also only used for sex crime convictions. A defendant often ends up spending more time in prison than the minimum prison time he was sentenced for. His / her maximum prison sentence will be determined by the Colorado Parole Board. Generally, a person cannot be released from prison on a sex crime until they have achieved a certain level of progress in sex offender treatment.

Indeterminate Prison Sentences for Sex Crimes in Arapahoe County

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”35%”]Prolonged prison sentences are common for people facing certain sex crime convictions.[/pullquote]

Let's look at an example of unjust indeterminate sentencing in Colorado:

Jonathan was convicted of Sexual Assault on a Child in Arapahoe County when he was 30 years old. He's serving his minimum prison sentence in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Unfortunately, Jonathan may have to wait to undergo treatment from the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board. The SOMB classes are too full. Jonathan won't be eligible for parole if he doesn't finish certain parts of his sex offender treatment. As a result, he may serve more prison time than he thought.

Prolonged prison sentences are common for people facing convictions of certain sex crimes in Colorado. They end up staying in prison longer because they cannot be released without sex offender treatment. Yet, the SOMB classes are often too full, and people have to wait to receive the treatment

Adams and Jefferson County Sex Offender Views Are Unreasonable

Sex offenders shouldn't be seen as dangerous people who can't be cured.

Though I agree our community should be protected from harm, I think Adams and Jefferson County sex offender treatment programs are unnecessarily harsh. I don't see all sex offenders as dangerous people who can't be cured. There is always room to change.

Yet, Colorado law is based on the belief that all sex offenders will reoffend and that indeterminate sentencing is necessary to prevent their reoffending. If a sex offender is in prison and going through treatment, then the community will be safe. Judges, district attorneys and probation officers are afraid they may be blamed if a sex offender reoffends. However, sometimes prison sentences and sex offender treatment makes people more bitter and resentful. Their frustration towards the justice system could be what leads to reoffending in some way. For instance, once out of prison, perhaps someone ends up stealing money because his / her parole restrictions have made it hard for him / her to find a job.

Our criminal defense lawyers know consequences of a sex crime conviction can be crippling. That's why we work hard to present a solid defense to a judge / jury in every case. Contact us today if facing sex crime charges and want to learn more about indeterminate sentencing in Colorado.

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