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What To Know About Colorado Sex Offender Treatment and the Sex Offender Management Board

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Oct 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

When you're convicted of a sexual offense such as Sexual Assault, Unlawful Sexual Contact, or Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Denver and across Colorado, you must undergo sex offender registration and sex offender treatment. In today's blog, we'll address commonly asked questions about sex offender treatment and the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board.

What is the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) in Colorado?

The Sex Offender Management Board is a board of 25 people who decide how sex offenders are evaluated, assessed and treated. Some of these members include a District Court judge, a representative from the Department of Corrections, a representative from the judicial department, and a public defender who has experience with sexual offenses. Since the SOMB believes every sex offender in Arapahoe and Douglas County cannot be cured, their goal is to make treatment and evaluations harsh and extensive so no sex offender reoffends, ever again.

Is the Colorado Sex Offender Treatment I Receive Based on the Sex Crime I Was Convicted Of?

No—the Colorado sex offender treatment you receive is the exact same as it is for everyone else convicted of a sex crime in Denver and Adams County, and across Colorado. Whether you were convicted of a crime after having sex with a minor or urinating in public more than once, your treatment will be the same. The Colorado sex offender Treatment Programs, however, can have different methods for treating sex offenders based on the individual treatment providers. They just have to follow the standardized, “one-size-fits-all” Colorado sex offender treatment guidelines set in place by the SOMB.

What is the Goal of Denver Sex Offender Treatment Programs?

Colorado's sex offender treatment programs seek to eliminate a sex offender's risk of reoffending.

The goal of Colorado sex offender treatment programs in Denver and Aurora, and across Colorado is to eliminate a sex offender's risk of reoffending and help treat their behavior. Colorado sex offender treatment programs evaluate a sex offender in many ways. Some of these evaluations include clinical interviews, polygraphs or the ABEL assessment to measure sexual interest and learn more about someone's sexual behavior. Colorado sex offender treatment providers in these treatment programs also try to coach sex offenders in ways they can improve their sexual thought patterns. This may be achieved through methods to identify triggers for sexual behavior and help them cope with these sexual urges / desires.

How Can I Have Success in Completing Sex Offender Treatment in Jefferson County?

The best way you can ensure you have success with sex offender treatment in Jefferson County and across Colorado is to get information and be cooperative. As part of our representation, we have defendants meet with someone who has been successful in treatment.  Next, if you take full responsibility for your actions, acknowledging you've made a mistake, the program will be easier for you to go through. It's best you comply with what's required or asked of you to complete the treatment program with the least trouble.

Charged with a Sex Crime in Denver? You Need an Attorney

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Denver, Aurora, Englewood or anywhere else in Colorado, consult a sex crimes defense lawyer immediately. If you have questions about sex offender treatment, our sex crimes attorneys can answer them. You need someone specialized in sexual offenses to walk you through your unique situation / needs. Call our office today.

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