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Boulder Sex Offender Treatment and Probation

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Being placed on Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation (SOISP) in Boulder, Colorado is difficult to say the least. Probation officers in this unit can be especially intrusive and strict, as a mishap will be ridiculed by the community. Additionally, convicted offenders serving their probation sentence will likely be participating in treatment overseen by the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB). These immobilizing elements of conviction attempt to reintroduce sex offenders into society after an offense or incarceration. In some instances strict monitoring and treatment is key to preventing predators from abusing the innocent. However, not all cases involve men and women who are a true threat to society, yet the constant monitoring of their lives reflects that irrational fear.

Probation for Boulder Sex Offenses

Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation is the supervision that many convicted sex offenders experience after being sentenced for an offense or released from incarceration. Up front, a sex offender goes through a substantial document that lists all of the restrictions with this type of probation. There are many activities and locations that are strictly prohibited on SOISP. A few of the restrictions placed on offenders are:

  • Curfew from 5am – 7pm
  • Random urinary analysis
  • Bi-monthly meetings with probation officers during business hours
  • Prior approval for any and all movement outside of your residence
  • Unannounced home visits from your probation officer
  • Prohibited internet access (until approved by PO / Treatment and monitored by a service, paid for by the client)
  • Interaction only with those who are aware of your offense and have completed a third party disclosure
  • Polygraphs (sex history 1, sex history 2, maintenance, and sometimes child contact assessment)

Toward the beginning of SOISP, offenders are typically allowed to go to the grocery store, work, gas station, and perhaps a few other essential locations. If a client obeys the rules, some probation officers might permit more activities as time goes by. However, this is up to the probation officer's discretion. They are very much in control of a convicted sex offender's life.

Boulder Sex Offender Treatment

Treatment is a requirement for most individuals convicted of a Colorado sex crime. This element is particularly costly and time consuming. Intake sessions and assessments are especially expensive and ask clients to surrender their life story to a therapist or psychologist. Group sessions that occur weekly (as much as $60 per session) are a requirement of those in treatment and can last for months, even years. Another requirement for men and women in treatment is completing a large manual and talking through / presenting assignments (Sex History, Cycle, Relapse Prevention) to their group. Additionally, treatment requires individuals to meet with their treatment therapist for one-on-one monthly meetings. These can be as much as $100 per session.

Community Supervision Teams | Boulder Sex Offender Treatment

Community Supervision Team is the term that refers to an offender's probation officer as well as their treatment provider. An offender's treatment provider meets with their probation officer often to discuss a client's progress, risk factors, and behavior. When a client passes all of the necessary polygraphs, completes and presents their treatment manual, and follows all of the terms and conditions of probation for a certain period of time (sometimes a year or more), they can achieve aftercare status. This level includes monthly sessions with treatment and is the level at which some clients spend the remainder of their probation sentence.

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