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CO Babysitter Faces Sex Crime Charges: Protect Yourself & Your Kids

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Apr 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

A Colorado babysitter faces sex crime charges.
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In recent news, a Centennial man has been convicted of Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Arapahoe County. The man was arrested after an investigation by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. The police first discovered the babysitter after he posted an ad on Craigslist which included the word “incest.” An undercover officer contacted him and he admitted to his interest in young children.[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left” width=”30%”]Learn how to protect your family.[/pullquote]The case then transferred to Arapahoe County, where the police discovered child pornography was downloaded to the man's IP address. He was arrested after a search warrant. When I read this article, I was impressed by the importance of protecting your kids from predators, and also yourself from false accusations. Let's look closer at what I mean.

Hiring a Babysitter? Protect Your Kids

It can be difficult to choose a babysitter you can trust for your kids. I get it – you want a break, and finding people you can trust is hard. But, it's extremely important that you find someone you truly can trust. The best option is to leave your kids with another family, where multiple people are responsible for your children. That way, your child won't ever be alone with an adult or teenager who isn't their parent. And, if possible, give your children an opportunity to contact you by leaving a cell phone or other device so they can let you know if there are problems.

Babysitting? Protect Yourself

If you are a babysitter, or one of your teenagers is a babysitter, it is important that you protect yourself from false or misplaced accusations. Children often make up stories in order to get attention or revenge. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system convicts people of crimes such as Sexual Assault on a Child by One in a Position of Trust without any physical evidence. Children also make misplaced accusations; if they are being abused by a family member or another close friend, they could accuse you of sexual contact in order to protect the true abuser.

What is Sexual Exploitation of a Child in Colorado?

Sexual Exploitation of a Child is charged in Denver, Adams, or Jefferson County when a person is in possession of child pornography of any kind. The severity of the charges depends on whether you simply possessed the explicit materials, or created or distributed it. The classification (which ranges from a class 6 to a class 3 felony) also depends on how many images or videos were in your possession in El Paso or Boulder County.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Sex Crime Charges

If you are a babysitter or you often care for children, it is important to understand how to protect yourself from false or misplaces accusations. People are falsely accused of Sexual Exploitation of a Child as well as other sex crimes; one woman got revenge on her husband by planting child porn on his computer and then calling the police. Protect your future and freedom by contacting an expert criminal defense lawyer if you've been contacted by the police.

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