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Denver and Douglas County Sex Offender Polygraph Lawyer: Polygraphs and Sex Offender Treatment

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | May 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

Learn more about polygraph testing for crimes like Sexual Assault, Unlawful Sexual Contact, Sexual Exploitation of a Child and many others.
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When a person has been convicted of a sexual offense in Denver or Douglas County, such as Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on a Child or Sexual Exploitation of a Child, they will be subject to sex offender treatment under the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB). The SOMB uses polygraphs to monitor sex offenders' behavior, assess their sexual histories, and study their attitudes towards the sexual offense. Though these polygraphs have been trusted for many years, recently they have been criticized for their cost and accuracy.

Arapahoe and Adams County Polygraphs for Sex Offenders: Inmates Must Do Sex Offender Treatment

Many sexual offenses are subject to Colorado's indeterminate sentencing laws upon a conviction in Adams and Arapahoe County, including Sexual Assault, Incest and Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child. What this means is that a person can be held in prison for an undetermined amount of time, dependent on when they complete sex offender treatment and successfully complete polygraph testing. In most cases, the waiting list is too long for sex offenders to complete treatment. Additionally, it is costly for Colorado to pay for the polygraphs while the inmates helplessly wait in prison. When a sex offender is released from prison, parole must continue to pay for the polygraph testing. Under the SOMB, polygraphs are one of many factors when it comes to treatment and supervision for a sex offender. Unfortunately, if a sex offender fails a sex history polygraph, it can be difficult to qualify for parole, or it can lead to increased supervision while on parole (as if there isn't enough supervision already).

Sex Offender Polygraph Results in Jefferson County: Three Results of Polygraph Tests

In Jefferson County, Colorado, polygraph tests can have 1) non-deceptive results, 2) inconclusive results and 3) deceptive results. Non-deceptive results mean a person has passed the polygraph and will not have to take another polygraph test for 6 months. Inconclusive results mean a polygrapher cannot read the polygraph results, so a person has to retake the test. If a person receives a deceptive result on the polygraph test, it means they have failed the test and they need to continue taking the test until they pass it (every 60 days).

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