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Denver Lawyer for Sexual Offenses: Jails in the Denver Area

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Feb 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

Learn more about county jails across Colorado.

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The Denver County Jail and the Arapahoe County Jail illustrate the typical Colorado jails and detention facilities located in various counties throughout Colorado. Like the other 62 county jails in our state, these jails are run by the county sheriff's department. Sheriff's deputies are the jailers working with the inmates. Those arrested will spend time in a county jail across Colorado until they are bonded out. Following release from jail is a court date, where a judge eventually decides whether a jail, prison or probation sentence is appropriate. Those convicted of misdemeanor sexual offenses, like Public Indecency or Unlawful Sexual Contact, are given jail sentences of up to 2 years in county jails across Colorado. As Denver lawyers who practice 100% criminal defense, we offer jail visits to county jails across Colorado to speak with those who have been arrested or charged with a crime.

Denver Jail Information Attorney: Jails We Visit across Colorado

There are many county jails across Colorado where you or your loved one could be sent upon an arrest or criminal charge. Our Denver criminal defense attorneys offer 24 hour, 7 day, same-day jail visits to these Colorado jails to visit inmates. Some Colorado jails our Denver criminal defense lawyers regularly visit include the:

  1. Arapahoe County Jail in Centennial / Englewood, Colorado
  2. Adams County Jail in Brighton, Colorado
  3. Gilpin County Jail in Blackhawk, Colorado
  4. Denver County Jail in Denver, Colorado
  5. Jefferson County Jail in Golden, Colorado
  6. Broomfield County Jail in Broomfield, Colorado
  7. Weld County Jail in Greeley, Colorado
  8. Larimer County Jail in Fort Collins, Colorado
  9. Douglas County Jail in Castle Rock, Colorado
  10. Park County Jail in Fairplay, Colorado
  11. El Paso County Jail in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  12. Pueblo County Jail in Pueblo, Colorado

Colorado Lawyer Jail Visits: Why a Jail Visit is Important

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged and are being held in a county jail in Colorado, it's imperative you consult one of our experienced attorneys to visit you. We will advise you of your right to remain silent. Giving any information to police in jail could negatively impact your criminal case. We offer jail visits to advise you or your loved one of your rights and to talk through a criminal case in more detail. Having one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers visit you is in your best interest – we will offer hope as we begin building your defense.

Request a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a sexual offense in Denver County, Douglas County or anywhere else in Colorado, please contact our skilled attorneys today at 303-830-0880 for a free consultation, or call us to arrange for a jail visit. Together, we can protect you or your loved one's future.

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