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Promoting Obscenity to Minors in Fort Collins | Criminal Defense

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Mar 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Promoting obscenity to minors in Fort Collins, Longmont, or Estes Park often involves accusations of showing juveniles porn. Summer camps with adult staff are common situations where these charges originate. Additionally, those 18 or older who might be dating a younger teenager can commit this offense by messaging nude or obscene pictures of themselves to their love interest. Age and content are particularly critical factors when it comes to what people share or send to minors throughout Colorado. If you or someone you know is facing allegations like this in Colorado, consulting an experienced defense attorney is critical.

Colorado Promoting Obscenity to Minors

Colorado's promotion of obscenity to a minor law prohibits providing, showing, or sending juveniles lewd material. CRS 18-7-102 addresses promotion of obscenity throughout Larimer, Weld, and Boulder County. You commit this offense if you:

  • knowing the material's content and character,
  • promote to someone under 18 or possess intending to promote,
  • ANY obscene material,
  • OR produce, present, or direct an obscene performance involving a minor

Texting nudes is often considered promoting obscene material. Even showing a teenager a clip of pornography can be enough to violate this particular statute. Furthermore, these acts run dangerously close to sexual exploitation of a child should the juvenile respond or participate with their own obscene message. They will not be held accountable for their responses and the recipient 18 or older will be held 100% responsible.

How Bad is Promotion of Obscenity to a Minor in Fort Collins?

Each promotion of obscenity case is unique. Penalties won't always look the same. Promoting obscenity to minors is at minimum a class 6 felony in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Boulder. A conviction can lead to:

Whereas promotion of obscenity is a misdemeanor, the involvement of a minor escalates the crime to a felony. Registered sex offenders often endure many difficulties including community isolation, severe employment limitations, and particularly limited housing options.

Colorado Defense Attorney for Promoting Obscenity to Minors

Finding the right criminal lawyer for obscenity charges is crucial, especially when the case involves a minor. Prosecutors have many tools at their disposal to convict defendants and fighting their pursuit requires experience and careful strategy. Perhaps you didn't know the others involved weren't quite 18, they're accusing you to get revenge for something, or there are other holes in the evidence against you. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation. A skilled attorney will carefully analyze your unique situation and recommend next steps in your defense. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for those facing obscenity charges in and around Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Thornton, and Denver.

Don't talk to police about accusations of promoting obscenity to minors – talk to us. 303-830-0880

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