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Sex Trafficking of a Minor | Billionaire Facing Charges

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jul 09, 2019 | 0 Comments

Sex Trafficking of a Minor is a large, complex criminal charge with lifelong ramifications. Known as Human Trafficking of a Minor for Sexual Servitude by Colorado law, this offense involves many different actions relating to minors and commercial sexual activity. A well-known billionaire is facing federal charges after he allegedly ran a sex trafficking ring in which he paid dozens of underage girls to participate in sexual acts with him. Additionally, after being arrested, authorities retrieved numerous lewd photos of younger looking females from his mansion. These vast charges require immediate representation from an especially skilled sex crimes attorney.

What Is Sex Trafficking of a Minor in Colorado?

The behaviors involved in sex trafficking of a minor are defined in C.R.S. 18-3-504. Someone commits this offense in Colorado if they:

  • knowingly sell, recruit, harbor, transport, transfer, isolate, entice, provide, receive, or obtain,
  • a person under the age of 18,
  • for the purpose of coercing the minor,
  • to engage in commercial sexual activity

Sexual activity includes any actions of sexual contact, intrusion, penetration, sexual exploitation of a child, as well as obscene performance. Rarely does a human trafficking charge occur without other offenses present. Below are other crimes often associated with human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude:

What are the Consequences of Sex Trafficking of a Minor in Colorado?

The potential punishments for sex trafficking of minors are particularly severe in Colorado. This extraordinary risk crime comes with amplified maximum penalties. When the victim is under the age of 18, conviction can result in 16 – 48 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and fines of up to $1,000,000. Conviction of any sex trafficking charge (even when the victim is an adult) also requires sex offender registration.

Colorado Defense Attorney for Complex Sex Crimes

Charges relating to human trafficking are among the most serious a person can face in the state of Colorado, especially when the case involves minors. Prosecutors will utilize several resources, aiming to convict defendants and in many cases, over charge. It is especially important that anyone facing an accusation or charge of this magnitude consult an experienced sex crimes attorney immediately. Don't speak with law enforcement or provide statements of any kind. Instead, contact our office to schedule a free consultation where we will carefully analyze your unique situation and suggest next steps. We have proven results throughout the state of Colorado and put our decades of combined experience to work to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you or someone you know is facing sex trafficking of a minor charges, be smart. Contact the reputable sex crimes attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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